Will I last?

  1. I just started my first CNA job. There were 3 other new CNAs starting today. Today was my fourth day of orientation. I overheard some of the other CNAs jokingly placing bets on how long "that girl" will last and which new girl would stay past orientation. I wanted to prove them wrong, so I didn't quit today like I wanted to. But that is not a good reason to keep a job (is it?).
    It's not that I dislike the job or the residents, I just feel like everything is so unorganized yet if I do something wrong, 3 people will be there to pounce on me. I dread going to work.
    So what do I do? I am overwhelmed.
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  3. by   Irene joy
    I am not a CNA yet but plan to get my CNA this summer. Please don't give up! I don't know what your future plans are, but for me I am looking at my time as a CNA as valuble education on the road to becoming a nurse.Think of it like class, you would'nt let other people intimidate you in class would you? Every day you are there, you are expanding your knowledge of patient care and will gain self confidence in clinical aspects to use in the future. That's why I'm doing this, I wan't to feel comfortable in the patient care setting, so when nursing school comes around, I won't feel like such a fish out of water.Please don't let these girls bother you, and don't stay to prove them wrong, stay because this will be a wonderful learning experience for you. Good luck with everything!
  4. by   psalm
    I felt that way myself when I was in your situation. The lack of organization really killed me but I did what I could to function my way for good pt. care. See the nasty comments as a challenge, not a fight. AND the situation may be worse at the next place you were to start.
  5. by   kakalika
    Hang in there. Don't give up just yet. You will soon settle down to the pace of things, and you will gain valuable experience.
  6. by   natrgrrl
    Thanks for the support! I needed to hear it. Today is my last day of orientation. Maybe when I get on my own and actually have to figure out how to get through the day things will be better. That is what I am hoping for, anyway.
    Yesterday after my lunch break two of the male CNAs came over to talk to me to ask if I needed help with anything or if they could answer any questions. It seemed sincere. One of them told me that without confidence in myself, I would never last in this job because the residents would never have confidence in me. I am going to use that philosophy to get me through the next month.
    Does that sound like good advice?
  7. by   casi
    Sounds like the employees might be a little stressed by the disorganization. Is there a lot of newer employees and open spots? Lack of employees also lowers moral something horrible. There was a point at my job where at least two people a week were getting fired or quitting and originally we only had about 30 CNAs on staff! When you're understaffed and management expects you to pick up the slack while they try to hire new staff which takes forever for them to do you can get a bit jaded. This is especially so when all the new people quit right away because they pick up on the low moral.

    It sounds like you're in a good place though if you're getting excellent advice and offers to help from your co-workers. Hang in there for a couple of months. Being a CNA is naturally overwhelming and it takes awhile for that feeling to go away.

    Oh! And a quick note on the confidence. Be confident, but don't act like a know-it-all. When I work with a resident I haven't worked with before I'll tell them straight out. "I haven't done this with you before, so if there is a way that works better for you, let me know!"
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  8. by   lizzyberry
    I was treated the same way when I first started as a bank teller. I was younger and didnt catch on right away and everyone would be so mean to me just because I would ask too many questions or did not catch on fast. After awile I didnt talk some of the other b**** tellers and kept to myself and did a great job just concentrating on my work. I ended up being the fastest teller with 0 mistakes balances to the penny every time. Stay just to prove it to yourself that u are a smart person and u can do this. Everything takes practice youll go from being awful at it to being the best. Good Luck!
  9. by   natrgrrl
    Thanks for the advice. I will be using that line for a while.