Where can CNAs work?

  1. hi. i was just wondering where exactly can cnas work..
    i know they can work at nursing homes and hospitals, but can they work at any other medical places such as dentists and at vets?
    i'm currently looking for a job, but i'm not sure where to look for...
    only two nursing homes and two hospitals around my area..
    i want to work at a hospital, but they want only cna 2, which i'm not.
    please help..
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Home health agencies and staffing agencies also hire CNAs. You can also answer ads or place your own ads to do private duty home care. Check whether or not your local community college offers an acute care CNA course. This course might help you to qualifiy for those hospital positions. You can work in hospitals as an employee of a staffing agency that places people at the local hospitals. Good luck.
  4. by   Qbert
    Nursing Homes
    In home care
    assisted living facilities
    Physical therapy asst.

    MA's usually work in doctors offices and clinics