when did you go to work

  1. Hey i wanted to know .How long after your exam did you go to work.Did you wait for the mail are did you go and look for a job as soon as you could.I am looking for thr night shift all i am getting is the 2-10 please let me know.
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  3. by   mrsraisinkain
    I'm not in Texas, but here we're allowed to work for 120 days before we have to be state tested. So, I finish class tomorrow and don't take my test until the 3rd or 4th of October. But I am planning on starting to apply Monday. As a matter of fact, the place I did clinicals the last two days is already recruiting my classmates and I and we all already turned in applications today. Tomorrow is our "graduation" and we will have recruiters from some places there, too.

    Good luck with your job search!!
  4. by   DreamyEyes
    We are also allowed to work for up to 120 days here before we receive our license. (In N.H., we're "licensed" instead of certified.) The BON doesn't mail our licenses anymore, though, so I had to keep checking on their website. It took me about 2 weeks from the time I sent it in to get licensed. Even though N.H. says that you have up to 120 days, I found that everytime I applied somewhere, they wanted me to be licensed/certified. It was kind of a pain, but now I finally have a job, so it's okay. I would say it took about 3 weeks for me to get a job after taking my state test. Oh, and I know how much it sucks trying to find the shift you want. I always saw openings for 2nd shift (3-11 or 2-10) when I was job searching, because no one ever wants to work that shift. I lucked out and got 7-3, which was my first choice.

    Good luck on your job search!
  5. by   amanda1229
    I took my class and put it off for a year because I was so nervous, haha. Stupid decision on my part. But I got a job at an LTCF to refresh a bit and then took the test a month in. Did well, and the LTCF will reimburse me for it, score.