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  1. I am currently going to school for patient care tech with goals of becoming an RN in the future. I recently found out that the school had lied to me among entering the program. I was told the program 12 month and now found out it is 16. We wont even have our actual graduation until 4 months after that (they do it twice a year). So here I am counting down and found out I had to add on several months. Kind of a shock to the system. Also I was worried about the externship as it is during the day and I am a single mom with a full time job, they told me they were in the works for an evening externship because they just started the evening classes recently and that by the time I have to do my externship it will be set up. Also found that is a lie. I feel like they were doing anything to get me in. I have found the same course that is only 6 weeks and am thinking of talking to the school. This would mean a hellish 6 weeks of school/work but I would be done soon and could go on with my goals or should just suck it up and deal with it. I wont be done with my current program until Nov. 7th. I go to school from 6-11p and have to get up at 4:30a for work and it's really taking a toll. I would still be working long days (school from 8-4 and then work) but it would be over soon. Advice would be welcomed!!
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  3. by   jb2u
    16 months is a long time for a pca, so is 12 months for that matter. I am not sure how things are in your area, but if the 16 month and the 6 week courses will both get you the same job, then I would go for the 6 weeks and start making money and spend the rest of the 14 1/2 months working on my pre-reqs for nursing school!!! Of course no one can really say what will work for you in your life. Good luck with your decision and always keep your eyes on that RN. When I went to nursing school, on the first day of school, the director of our program had us sign a piece of paper with our name and RN...."John Doe, RN." It really is great motivation. Just put it on your mirror so you see it everyday.

  4. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from Flaird
    I was told the program 12 month and now found out it is 16.
    16 months for a PCA program? I completed an LPN/LVN program in only 12 months!
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    I think that I would take the program with the lesser time, but make sure that whatever program you take, that they offer the certifying exam to become a nursing assistant. I have not heard of a PCA program ever being that long. Most of them in my area are for 16 weeks tops. They usually have a CNA course with additional courses in EKG and Phlebotomy for a combined fee.