what is the difference between CNA and Rehab Nurse Tech?

  1. I have a friend who finished her first semester of an ADN program and she realized that she preferred being an Occupational therapist over an RN. She is qualified to take the CNA test since she finished her Fundamental of Nursing class. Her plan is to get some rehab experience before applying for an OT program from working as a rehab nurse tech. My question is is a CNA the same as a rehab nurse tech? Or is rehab nurse tech a whole different field from being a CNA?

    Thank you.
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  3. by   nguyency77
    Rehab Nurse Techs supposedly have more responsibilities than a CNA. My coworker is one and how she and my company reached that conclusion, I have no idea. She gets to wear a badge that says she is a "CNA/RNA." I imagine patients confuse her for the RN frequently. When she isn't pushing paper, she supervises patients and residents who need support while eating. They call it "restorative care." How effective it is, I'm not sure. She weighs patients and residents and occasionally gives showers. Her shift is shorter than the CNA shifts. I don't know why. She also happens to be the only rehab nurse tech our company employs.

    Rehab Nurse Tech is a highly inflated title. It would be like calling your mailman a "Communications and Parcels Specialist." I don't see why a separate "title" had to be invented. Now this is only at my facility, an SNF & LTC. I don't know what rehab techs do in other settings.
  4. by   LJohnson11213
    From what I learned a RNA is a nursing assistant working under the supervision of a nurse and physical/occupational therapist to provide quality care to clients who need rehabilation after surgery or injuries that do not cause permanent bodily damage that would leave them bedridden. Such as learning how to walk, feed themselves , mobility such as learning to adjust to using a wheelchair Etc. correct me if I am wrong because I am interested in doing that
  5. by   konp

    what is your plan? are you in a nursing school? Do you plan to get into the OT career path?
  6. by   Graduation2016
    If she's going to go for OT I don't think she can be a nurse tech. Usually nurse techs have completed and passed a whole semester of nursing school and remain in school to hold the position, otherwise she will be a CNA (as long as he passes her state exam).