What do your uniforms look like?

  1. I was wonder what the standard cna uniform looks like, do you like yours? Just curious!!
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  3. by   yousoldtheworld
    At my work, we wear royal blue scrub pants (any style we want, as long as they're royal blue), any scrub top we want, as long as it matches/coordinates with the pants, and white shoes.

    Though most scrubs might be kind of goofy looking, I do like wearing them. They're super comfortable, and it'd be much more difficult to get through long shifts in more restrictive clothing.
  4. by   casi
    Scrubs, any color and any style.

    Well limits are no open toe/open heal shoes and no capris
  5. by   valifay
    I work at a private assisted living center. I wear a polo shirt with the companies logo on it and khaki pants. We don't wear scrubs or do anything to institutional because our facility strives to keep it a family like environment.
  6. by   natrgrrl
    All staff at our LTC wear the same uniform. Black pants and issued royal blue snap front scrub top. I don't like it because PT, nurses, techs all look alike.
  7. by   AmberL
    At the LTCF I work at we( by we I mean, nurses, aides, housekeeping, laungry and kitchen staff, they only ones who dont is the nusiness office and administrator) can wear any scrubs we want w/ white(or almost all white) shoes, that are not open toed. Some girls wear crocs or clogs but they have to have a heel strap. On friday is casual day, most people just wear jeans and a scrub top but some wear normal street clothes. When a new company bought us last year, they wanted to issue uniformed scrubd wear nurse wear one color and STNAs another and so on but our DON and Administrator talked them out of it.
  8. by   yousoldtheworld
    Honestly, I like that our aides, nurses, laundry, etc. all wear different colored scrubs...it just makes it easier to identify people and keep them straight. I like being able to wear any tops we want, though...though I do wish aides wore a different color pants besides royal blue
  9. by   AmberL
    I like wearing different tops, but it would be easir to tell people apart if each section wore different scrubs. My friend's nursing home does that. Everyone wears a different color to tell the nurses and aides apart.