what do you do when your teacher don't???

  1. Hi everyone,I started my CNA classes 4 weeks ago.This is the first time the teacher has taught(she has been a nurse for 20yrs).she is really great with the book work(I have passed all the little test they give you).But when it comes to hands on stuff she is clueless She's tried to show us how to do things like make a bed(occupied or not)and just can't get it.she only knows how she has did it and not whats on the states test.Samething with any
    washing,dressing, anything that has to do with helping the patient hands on.She just keeps saying read your book and practice.I do my clinicals next week and then I can sign up for the test after that. But how am I going to pass the states if I don't no what to do?If anyone can remember how to do things or any little tips on what to do and how could you please share them :uhoh21: thank you
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  3. by   smk1
    The thing to remember about the CNA test is that there isn't one way to do everything. If you focus on safety, infection control and privacy you should be fine. I say get in there with a partner and find a way to do the skills that works for you.
  4. by   amlaboy
    Did your book come with a CD? Mine did. It shows all the proper procedures in video form.
  5. by   LoveMyBugs
    Did you go to your states board of nursing web site, mine has a CNA section with all of the steps for each skill listed. When I took my class they told us to go to the site and print the State Nursing Board skill steps because those are the steps that they will be looking for when you test.