What a night

  1. I was assigned to work the most challenging wing in the building of my assisted living facility. I've worked this wing 3 times now. I just got hired a month ago so I'm still kind of learning. I was EXTREMELY overwhelmed last night and wanted to break down and cry. It was so hard for me to get to each resident because other residents kept on pulling their call lights. I literally felt like I was spending 20 min with each resident that pulled their call light. I had a resident fall while she was by herself in her room. I felt extremely irresponsible when that happened because she was trying to get into her bed and I was late going to her room. My partner was assigned a different wing, but in the same building. I tried asking her for help a couple of times since her building is not as challenging, but she seemed to be annoyed with me so I did the best I could by myself. When I got off work at 11, I realized that I forgot to help a semi-independent resident into her pajamas. I was so overwhelmed and am a little worried that noc shift will complain and get me into trouble if any residents were wet or if something wasn't done the way it was supposed to be. I told them I did the best I could and apologized if there was anything wrong.

    Just wanted to vent a little bit since I feel so crappy. =/
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  3. by   Mewsin
    Wow, what a crazy night for you.

    I always dislike when 'experienced' staff get the easier jobs. Mostly because I feel it is at our clients' best interests to have someone with experience to at least be able to handle a tougher assignment. I know that the inexperienced staff will become experienced soon enough but the first few months......its just too early. I'd like to say at our facility this is how it works but I have seen it where the new people are running while the senior staff is hanging out.

    Falls happen, accidents happen. You were working, you weren't hiding from your job, I know it sucks when someone falls but you can only be in one place at a time. I've had nights where the two of us(we work in pairs) have run from 11pm to 7am, and we've had falls, but we were out there working hard. And from experience let me tell you, that just because you're in the room with someone, does not mean that you can prevent all falls.

    Take a deep breath. Know that you will get better at your job the more you work. The next shift will be easier.
  4. by   mindyfromcali
    If the Resident falls, they can't blame you unless you weren't using proper precautions according to their care plan. I don't know what it's like in assisted living, but that's how it is in long-term care. Examples: tab alarms, crash mats, bed low to the ground etc. Don't beat yourself up, it will be okay. Sorry you have fellow employees who don't try to help you.
  5. by   duskyjewel
    You were working. Where was everyone else in the building while her call light was going off? If the light went off for more than a few minutes without being answered, your colleagues should have figured out you were busy and helped that resident. But you and the resident were probably both victims of "not my hall" syndrome. I REALLY hate people who think and act that way.