State Inspection was in

  1. A few weeks ago State was in. Didn't really bother me, I've been there 3 yrs now and have never been stopped and asked questions by the inspectors. Well back to the reason of this post, we got a perfect score! We've always done good, just a few minor things but its been a few years since we had a perfect score.

    Just wanted to post abut it.

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  3. by   Knorremeisje
    We also got a state visit about two weeks ago and they found no deficiencies! Yay! All that freaking out was good for something, I guess!
  4. by   mrsraisinkain
    Good job, guys! You must work for really great facilities!
  5. by   DreamyEyes
    Awesome! I would assume it's pretty hard to get a perfect score in LTC facilities.