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  1. Well, I am starting my new job as a CNA tomorrow. I was just wondering what they would usually teach you the first day, or the first week? Would you normally shadow one of the other CNA's before you were off on your own, or do they just put you by yourself the first day? I was just curious, and I am very nervous about it. Any info would help me ease my mind. Thanks.
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  3. by   Heidi W
    Hi I'm starting my first CNA job in two days. The man who hired me said they do eight days of training where you just kindof get orientated to the facility and then stick with a CNA and help them with their rounds then eventually you do it on your own. He showed me around and showed me where all the the laudry rooms and everything are today but I don't remember But I'm positive they wouldn't just throw you in the mix and make you do it on your own when you first start, that would certainly not be in the best interest of the patients. Good Luck and I hope you love it!
  4. by   RNJess10
    the nursing home where I work at had me shadow someone. I was a brand new aide, never had any experience before. I mostly helped out with changing people and transferring residents (which I still will not do on my own if they can't stand -- I may be a wimp, but I'd rather not see any of my residents on the floor!)

    You're probably almost out of training, but maybe to ease any anxiety about being on the floor alone...don't hesitate to ask questions OR ask for help. especially if this is your first CNA job. I felt like I should know everything, but thats just not possible. I felt bad asking people to help me move someone, but oh well.
  5. by   couldntbhappier
    congrats on the new job ~ here's to the very best of luck! you'll be great!
  6. by   Kay28
    For orientation: I shadowed an experienced aide for two weeks, had a day with the physical theripist, a day with the respiratory therapist, was then given half of a full assignment with someone checking my work. After a month I was on my own and doing wonderfully. Not all facilities do it this way, but I can't imagine anywhere throwing you in on your own, on your first day! Good luck!
  7. by   bethin
    Depends on the facility. When I did LTC where I also did my CNA classes I rec'd little orientation because we worked the floor as students and we had partnered up. And our instructor was there at all times and was very helpful and patient. So when I officially became an aide I got no orientation because I had already worked the floor as a student.

    When I started my current job in med surg I was on orientation for a month. I worked side by side with an aide but gradually branched out on my own but always knew that someone was there if I had a question. Also, towards the end of the month I was asked if I felt I needed a longer orientation.

    No matter what, if you don't feel like you are getting a proper orientation talk to your manager, supervisor, whoever will listen. When in doubt, ask questions.