QUESTION TO ALL- Shift diff?

  1. I'm curious- are the CNAs at your facility getting paid the same shift differential as nurses or other health professionals who receive higher hourly salaries? Or is the differential less? It seems to me that everyone should receive the same differential for working 3rd shift... but I understand that may not happen at all facilities.

    I'm especially interested in hearing from the CNAs in Texas as that's where I'm likely moving with a friend of mine who'd like to consider working as a CNA.

    Thanks for all the help you give us (the nursing students fumbling around with your patients) on the floors
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  3. by   SouthernLPN2RN
    I work at a hospital and I *think* the CNA's get less of a shift diff. The RN's get more than the LPN's.
  4. by   jb2u
    At my hospital in GA the CNA's get less...a lot less...than the Nurses for shift diff. Plus the Nurses, Unit clerks, and telemetry techs receive a bonus for signing up for extra shifts, but the CNA's are not offered this bonus. They say that they do not need more CNA's to sign up for extra shifts, but somehow, we are always short-staffed on CNAs!
  5. by   AuntieRN
    At the hospital I worked at up north we made the same differentials as the nurses, however, here in the south where I work we make substantially less then the nurses for differentials.
  6. by   ukstudent
    The shift differentials at my hospital are figured out based on a percentage of base pay eg. 20% for nights. So CNA's have less base pay, therefor make less for working nights.