Question about perineal care for a male?? Please help!

  1. Do you have to elevate the hips with a bedpan for a male the way you do with a female? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   greeniebean
    I never did. You are supposed to put a chuck/towel under the hips to absorb any water but I've never put them on a bed pan.
  4. by   DolceVita
    Uh you don't put anyone on a bedpan for peri care. AFter they have used one -- yes.

    To do the butt you turn them on their side. I was taught only use towels because chux are expensive.
  5. by   emily_ganshert
    Well, my Red Cross book shows that you CAN use a bedpan to elevate the hips (or a towel or folded up blanket) when doing perineal care. But it doesn't show whether or not you could do that for a man. But now that I've just realized you don't even have to for a woman, I'll probably never do it that way lol
  6. by   littlenursingmommy
    On the man I did, we didn't have to elevate the hips at someone said, you turn them on their side to do their behind, but other than that, you should be fine without raising the hips, which should be avoided if possible any way...just from picturing my self in that situation, it's so much more comfortable if they're laying on a nice warm towel or sheet, as opposed to a big plastic bed pan.