1. I really want to do the cna training but im pregnant so i gues i have to wait. After the baby is born can i get a job as a caregiver first and then get my cna and where can I do it on the weekends or evenings.PLEASE ANSWER
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  3. by   yousoldtheworld
    You can do the CNA training while pregnant! Lots of aides work until they have their babies, honestly.
  4. by   KimberlyRN89
    Yea I agree you can take the CNA class while pregnant. But honestly, if I were you, I would not work as an aide @ an LTC, hospital, ALF while pregnant. It's a lot of lifting involved & a lot of the pregnant girls @ my jobs felt nauseous when cleaning up poop. Maybe you should consider home health. I did it for a while last year & two of my clients could toilet themselves. Good luck & congrats on your pregnancy
  5. by   MCFielder
    You can totally take the class while you're preggo! There was a girl in my class that we all thought was going to go into labor during clinicals she was so huge! Sometimes we even got let out a few minutes early because she started complaining about her back The instructors were very mindful and accommodating they put her on a hall where there wasnt much lifting required and the patients could do alot for themselves.
  6. by   Dorali
    Go ahead and take the class! Get it out of the way while you aren't severly sleep deprived and have no time to study!! Then get a little experience at a job if you have time. A class that is only on the weekends is going to take a LOT longer than one you could go to during the week.
    You might check your state's forum or Google to see where any CNA classes are available in your area. This forum has people from all over. I'm in OK.