Pay Rates 2010

  1. Saw this in another forum and thought it would get more answers here.

    With the current economic situation, there have been a lot of changes in pay rates. Just so we are all more aware of the current pay rates can you pls. post the following:

    1. State

    2. City

    3. Speciality (Hospital, Home Health, Nursing Home, Rehab, etc)

    4. Pay rates

    5. Benefits offered by agency (pls. don't feel shy to be detailed)
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  3. by   Ashley-SDCVRN85
    1. Toledo
    2. Ohio
    3. Hospital
    4. $13.00-15.00
    5. 403B available , Tuition assistance up to $20K
  4. by   Shirt
    ^ is that base pay or w/ shift dif?
  5. by   LaterAlligator
    Olympia area
    AL Facility
    For FT employees (>35 hrs/week) there's health insurance which includes dental & vision (employees portion is $50/month), life insurance, and they just started the 401K program so not sure what the matching rate is.
  6. by   Charlotteg
    1. Ohio

    2. Findlay

    3. Home health

    4. $9.50/hour, on weekdays, $10.50/hour, on weekends, and $11.50/hour if I have to travel out of town

    5. None. It is a small business.
  7. by   DreamyEyes
    -Southern New Hampshire

    -Assisted living facility

    -$14 per diem ($1 more for weekends & 2nd shift, $3 more for 3rd shift)
    -Full-time/part-time employees starting pay: $11 days, $12 evenings, $14 nights
  8. by   Shirt
    ^ That sounds pretty good!
  9. by   sweetcynic
    1. Massachusetts

    3. rehab hospital

    4. $12 1st shift(15% diff for weekends), $13.80 2nd and 3rd shift(30% diff for weekends)

    5. Benefits offered by agency (pls. don't feel shy to be detailed)
    ummm 401k, Tuition reimbursement, health insurance, eye and dental...

    i work 3rd shift and im full time
  10. by   CFitzRN
    I am a field nurse supervisor (RN) for a home health agency in NC - our CNAs start at $8/hr. I want to say I think that is OBSCENE for what our CNAs do. In fact, double that isn't enough. I am so inspired by what I see in our CNAs - their caring, their dedication, their butt-busting work - It really is amazing, and they deserve much more money. Unfortunately we pay them based on what we are reimbursed from Medicaid and it isn't much.

    This is sort of OT, but I just wanted to say I think CNAs are some of the most amazing and underrated people out there.
  11. by   Intern67
    1. State: MN

    2. City: Twin Cities

    3. Speciality: Home Health and Hospice Aide

    4. Pay rates: 15.50 per hour. (2nd year union scale.) 50 cents/mile reimbursement.

    5. Benefits offered by agency: I'm part time, full timers get a decent benefit package that includes fair rates for health, dental, retirement.
  12. by   lauraashley
    State: MN
    City: Twin Cities
    Specialty: Assisted Living
    Pay: 9.00/hr...pretty crappy if you ask me
  13. by   muffinCNA15
    bay area
    home care
    14/hr if the clients are a couple like husband/wife etc
    benefits, med/dental after a yr if you work 30 hrs a wk
  14. by   cnaccsu
    Nursing Home
    $15/ hour for 2nd shift
    Full time (32 hours)- health insurance, 401 K, 1 week PTO every 3 months.