Overwhelmed at new CNA job - wanting to quit already

  1. I am one week into my new CNA job (first experience as a CNA) and I absolutely HATE it. I am so overwhelmed and have had to go to the break room to cry multiple times out of fear of doing something wrong or looking like an idiot. I never know what's going on, I don't feel prepared to do anything that I've learned, and I have so much anxiety that I am going to accidentally hurt someone. I am really taking the anxiety home with me. That being said: should I stick it out? Will it really get better if I already feel so terrible at my job? I want to quit already but I know that wouldn't look good being that I'm so new.
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  3. by   Daisy4RN
    Sorry you are having such a tough time. Don't quit yet. Any new job is stressful and especially if it is your first CNA job. Did you receive enough training, find another CNA who is willing to fill in the gaps of your training, ask questions when you don't know something. I am sure everyone knows you are new so they shouldn't mind a few questions (if they act like they do just remind/tell them you are also a new CNA). You can, and should, also ask the nurse if you have medical type questions (ie can I use either arm for BP etc). As I nurse I would rather answer questions than have a patient harmed because the CNA didn't ask questions, everybody should understand this and feel this way. Try to keep your anxiety level to a minimum and don't worry about looking like an idiot. Believe me, everyone else was in your shoes at one time or another. Do not take the anxiety home with you, while at work just ask questions so you dont have to go home and worry, then leave it at the door knowing you have done your best. 1 week in a new position as a new CNA is not enough time to quit either this particular job or being a CNA. I would stick it out and see what happens, you will feel more comfortable with time. Good luck!!
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  5. by   Missingyou
    It really can be overwhelming. It will take time. Once you get to know your residents and find some sort of routine, things will flow more smoothly. It can take about a month to get a routine down.

    I think you are being too hard on yourself. If you watch any tubing (feeding tubes, catheters etc) by simply making sure there is enough slack in it, you really can't "hurt" anyone. There will be falls, it's unavoidable with fragile, sick people. Just make sure you are following their care plan.

    If after about a month you still have alot of anxiety, than maybe this setting isn't a good fit for you. Not everyone can do it. Doesn't mean you should quit being a CNA. You can work home care or assisted living where folks aren't as sick, fragile and you have fewer demands on you.
  6. by   Scoutpeke
    Keep going! If after some time, it doesn't get better, it's very possible the job just isn't for you. I was scared when I first started years ago and I worked in a nursing home. I felt like I was handling babies and thought I'd break a resident's arm trying to get them undressed. Have you a seen a doctor about your anxiety? If you can get it under control, you'll be much happier. Sorry, that's all the advice I have.