New CNA on New Rehab Job (LONG)

  1. [color=#40007f]hey guys! i'm a new poster (long time lurker)

    i'm a single mom, 35, and just got my cna in october. i've been working home health through an agency since then - and starving. i just nabbed my first facility job a week or so ago and started saturday. it's a rehab facility with 1 long term care wing.

    i successfully survived 4 days. yay! i'm still working my home health job for an hour a night 4-6 days a week and now i'm only $350 a month short on making the budget work. hehehe

    anyway, my first day was total hell. i was soooo completely overwhelmed. i didn't know what room i was in, whether i was coming or going, what i was supposed to do and not do, and i was dripping with sweat the whole day. it didn't help that it felt like it was 185 degrees in there. it also doesn't help that i was stressed and nervous and a total perfectionist. we were short handed and i was a trailer following my trainer around all day.

    on my first break, i met the crankiest nurse and aides and all they did was scream and yell about everyone else and how the unit manager was demoted and so-and-so wasn't doing her job and blah-blah-blah... i was warned that "x" patient wants to sue us and even the don was banned from her room so never go in alone and this patient and this aide and that aide and so on.... - i felt like i was hopelessly trapped in a very bad episode of general hospital. i was ready to claw my way out through the bushes or bust a window and jump out.

    after break, went back in to feed patients and had a dementia patient sitting next to me who proceeded to scream that i was fat, an imposter, fired, and to get out cause she owned the place across the entire dining room. nobody had warned me before hand that those were her usual lines for everyone. *sigh* i handled it with grace.

    we were way behind all day since night hadn't done some of the prep work for us or something and no one prepared this new admit and ..... ugh.

    [color=#40007f]luckily, i only broke down and let tears squeeze out once thinking that there was no way on god's green earth that i could do this freaking job. i just asked to take a quick break (which we were badly due), walked outside, got a breath of air, composed myself, and marched right back in there. fortunately, i totally anticipated this happening. [color=#40007f]i smiled, concentrated on the patients and determined that my focus would be to try to keep them happy. nothing else mattered.
    day 2 was much better. my trainer was so calm and really had it together. the night shift had done some prep for us and the day was, overall, pretty smooth.

    day 3, even better.
    [color=#40007f]we had one impossible patient and my trainer was ready to choke her, but when she called us, i took over as "good cop" to the patient and my trainer did the necessities. we made an awesome team. she said i was a tremendous help and gave me a big pat on the back for a job well done for the day. okay, i thought. i can do this.
    day 4, patients know me and like me. employees getting to know me too. it's getting nice to walk in and actually have people say hi. really intimidating moment - had to feed a woman who seemed damn near comatose. she surprised me and i learned a ton. feeling a little unsteady again, but getting there. tomorrow (today) is my day off and i only have 2 days of training left. i'm on my own after that. *sigh* very overwhelming. i can do this.

    sorry this was so long, but only you guys get what this is like. it's like another world to walk into this situation. you're scared to death of screwing up, but you want to jump in and help. i did on the first day cause i felt helpless and got fussed at for helping someone without knowing if she was a 1- or 2-person assist. so much to know. *sigh* you've got so many people screaming at you to help them and only 2 hands. and so easy to forget when you have 5 requests waiting and 4 call lights and 2 pts needing patients and trays on the floor...... it's overwhelming as can be, but i love it. i have pleading, grateful eyes who long for a loving hand and a tender touch. hurt bodies whose hearts ache for a laugh and a friendly face. how can you not love it? these people are a trip and a blessing (and a pain in the a$$)! we'll see what happens.


    [color=#40007f]in the long run the pessimist may be proved right, but the optimist has a better time on the trip.
    daniel l. reardon
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    It's great to hear that your job is becoming increasingly better as the days pass.

    I'm an LVN on a nursing home rehab unit. Rehab can be extremely difficult and challenging, especially in the understaffed, undersupplied nursing home setting. Hang in there, because rehab facilities absolutely depend upon good aides to stay afloat from day to day. It already seems that you are hitting your stride!
  4. by   aundrea543
    Wow! As much as your story makes it all seem so intimidating, your closing is like a breath of fresh air and reminds me of why I want to persue this in the first place. Thank you for giving me an in depth taste of what I'm in for.

    I'd also like to comment that your writing style is very entertaining while still being informative. I can't wait to read more :icon_cheesygrin:
  5. by   jb2u
    Congratulations on going back in that first night. Yes, this kind of work can be overwhelming some days/nights. Come here for support anytime!!!
  6. by   casi
    Sounds like you are going to be awesome. Of coarse the first week is going to be overwhelming, heck expect the first couple of months to be overwhelming as you're still learning, and expect to have overwhelming days for many years to come.
  7. by   Feathers
    Good to hear things are getting better along the way. I'm a new PCT & I can totally commiserate w/the whole not knowing which room you're in & the head spinning. You have the right attitude, keep your chin up!
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  9. by   Jerseygal
    Loved your thread. It is humorous and informative. I appreciate your being candid about your lets me know what I'm in for. Sounds very rewarding. Thank you.