Lost my job....

  1. It is a long story and i will try not to put it all in here. But anyway i had a emergency with my family and had to leave town when they called and go to where they are. Anyway i could not call my boss and tell them i had to go. So when i got back i called to apologize. (by then i figured i didn't have a job) Well she says to me well nobody said you didn't have a job left. So she was asking what kind of problems i had at the job and i kinda listed alot of stuff. Well then she said she wanted to talk to me in person with her brother. They own the place. Well when i get there instead of them listening to my compliants. Everything i said it was like they were making a excuse for. Anyway after an hour of sitting there. I was like well ya'll let me what you want me to do. If you want me to continue working there i wanted to. If not i understand. Well instead of them answering they both sit there for like 5 minutes. Like they didn't know what to say. So then i was like well i am leaving. IF you would call and let me know what ya'll decide, after ya'll discuss it. Well they never called that night. So i called the next day and i am asking the man if i am terminated and he is like well i consider it you quit when you didn't show up for work. Okay that is not what your sister just said the day before. This was always one of the problems they seemed to have. They could never decide which way to do something. If he would say to do something one way, she would come behind him and say a different way. Well anyway now i am out of a job and don't know if i should consider it i quit or got fired. I am going to go tomorrow and look for a job.thanks for listening.
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  3. by   Misslady113
    Im so sorry you lost your job. I dont know how long you've been working there for, but if its been more than 6 months I believe you may be able to get unemployment. On your next job, be careful. The way you described the situation sounds like you quit(I used to be a manager). Although you may not have said you did, your actions definatly could be taken that way. On your next job, if you quit, rather than get fired, you may not be able to get unemployment. So take this as a lesson learned and try to contact your employers if you have to go away. I remember I was pregnant with my son and was really sick. So I told my boss I was going to admit myself to the hospital. I was gone for 5 days and when I came back I was written up. I asked why and she told me that although I told her what was happening, I didnt call her throughout the situation and let her know what was going on. Well I was astonished. These bosses dont really care about your personal stuff, so next time remember to communicate, even if you feel you cant or its not necessary. Good luck to you on finding something else.
  4. by   texastaz
    I agree it does suck when you loose your job and worse when you get fired. Realistic you are a CNA and many times you can make more money at Mc Donalds. I know no one wants to hear this and while cleaning a grill is so filthy compare the the fact of the pay of a CNA that you are responsible for a humane vs Mc Donals if you realy clean a grill right it has no poo poo on it and does hit you, scream at you and you don't have to lift it. If you are a good CNA your weight is gold and if not - well go clean a grill.
  5. by   littlenursingmommy
    I sympathize with you entirely, but from a completely unbiased perspective, I must be honest....it's your responsibility to call work; I know that in an emergency situation, this is difficult, but you can still probably manage a 5 minute phone call before your scheduled shift. That, and more importantly, it sounds like your boss could've had mercy on you when she was sitting and thinking. If she was going to fire you, she probably would've done so right off. But you decided that sitting and waiting for her answer was a waste of your time, so yes, you basically quit. And I'm sure that your next potential employer will most certainly call your boss(es) and ask them about it, so my advice would be to claim that you quit and tell them why. Good luck on your job hunt.
  6. by   caliotter3
    I agree with the previous post. Your job is important. At any time during your absence you could have called. I would have continued to call at intervals until I got somebody after leaving messages. Tell your future employers that you quit. Good luck with your next job.
  7. by   adorblepuppy
    Yeah i agree with it being my responsibility to call. I guess the thing that got me was when i got back and called, she kept saying well no one said you don't have a job left. When i called it was honestly just to say i was sorry for not calling. And then she wanted me to come in and talk to them. Then they could not make a decision as to where for me to stay or not. Anyway i am looking for another job. Don't know if it will be as a cna at this point. But hopefully i will find something soon. Right now i have a very bad cold so i am trying to not go anywhere where i could get others sick.
  8. by   fuzzywuzzy
    Honestly I think you acted rather stupidly. I mean what did you expect? Wasn't that a tiny facility with only like, 8 people and you were the only CNA? It takes less than 5 minutes to call and leave a message.

    Aren't you the same person who quit her first job before the first day because she got scared? If so then good luck finding anything, especially since jobs are scarce right now.
  9. by   MichaelCNA
    Remember that at any new facility you work at, you will be observed during a probationary period, and can be terminated at any time, for even the simplest things. I'm not going to say you "acted stupid", but in the future, I'd suggest you use some common sense even if you are advised to come in and speak with Management or are told you "may still have a job". The bottom line is, your Residents and staff depend on you, don't let them down.


  10. by   Desilina

    I am sorry that you lost your job, especially in this economy. Was there a way for you to call your boss on your way/or while at the family location? Waiting until you return was kind of pushing it. Don't get me wrong, my heart goes out to you. What I am trying to say, is while driving, or on the bus or train, you could have left a voicemail or somehow had a message relayed that you were heading to a family emergency.

    They probably assumed you didnt care - in my opinion. But, I pray you find another job, and fast!!
  11. by   sonomala
    It sucks to lose a job, I know lol. Do you think you should have grabbed a cell phone and called, yea. But maybe you don't have one, darn things can get pretty expensive and I know people who don't even have phone service so it happens. And everyones circumstances are different, if you didn't need the job that bad to begin with and its someone you care about, its easy to push the call till later and focus on helping those around you. If its rent or living in the park, don't forget to call lol. I'm a month out of my cna job and given all the talk about the flu and how it might affect an area, I'm so glad that right now I can focus on school and my family and not have to worry one about what I'm being exposed to at work and two being forced to stay at work which happens in emergencies when you're in health care. But again I'm very blessed because I can do that for alot of other people its unthinkable.
  12. by   adorblepuppy
    Yeah as of right now i am looking for a job. To be honest i am thinking of skipping out on health care for a while. Get back to customer service. I like being around people and i like to talk. But i miss working with people who come and go. Not dealing with the same people on a daily basis. I would like to continue with school also. Waiting til august for a medical coding class to start. good luck to everyone.
  13. by   Desilina
    Rather than give up so quickly, why don't you call your job and speak openly and honestly to the boss/supervisor. Explain to them that you are sorry for how you ended things. This job is important, as they will be used as references when you seek another position, even outside of the healthcare field. Also, you should consider going to school for an LPN or RN degree/diploma - it opens your world to various positions and atmospheres.

    Let me tell you something - I am a highly sensative person; to the point of it being a downfall in my life. I understand how it feels to want something so bad, that I self-sabotage my role (being late, not calling when I should, quiting just because I feel like I want too, etc) or job. UNTIL, I learned that people love to see other people fail. They love when we aren't at our best, because if we were doing well, then they would have something to complain about in there life. So, I stepped my game up. I became a more responsible person - for myself, and because my word is my bond. All we have is our reputation, and I believe that. If you let this one bad experience change your outlook, then you will let another bad experience change another outlook. You will never be happy with anything that you do, and you will find fault - even when nothing is wrong.

    So - before huffing and puffing, and thinking that you no longer want to be a CNA, consider this: There are thousands of people who would love to become a CNA right now, but can not afford to take the class. There are plenty of people who don't have the time, because they have to work multiple jobs to feed there families. The list goes on. You are a CNA now - while others are actively trying to become one. The economy is tough girl!! Put on your big girl panties, and tell the world that you are strong and regardless if you made a mistake, you will do your best to make amends and become a better person.

    Sorry to have written such a long reply, but you sound like me when I was a youngin', and I wish I had someone to straighten me out back then. You are more blessed than you realize - just take a look around you.
  14. by   adorblepuppy
    desilina thanks for the reply you posted. i am not sure what road i am going to take right now. you are right when you and the others say i made a mistake. i know i did. but let me tell you to be honest. since i have been gone from that job. my stress level has gone down so much you would not believe. i am not giving up on cna completely. just taking a break. the good thing about the state i live in. is you have two years before you have to recertify so as long as i work in that time frame, my certification is good. i would like to go back to school and see what direction i can go in. like i said in a earlier post. i want to do medical coding. they have a new program starting in august at a community college here. so i am waiting for that. thanks again for your post.