I just passed my test, im so excited!!!

  1. Well, i am not what you would call the "AVERAGE" LPN student. First of all, I am black; Second, I am a male;Third, I just turned 19 on march 17th; and Fourth, I dont know why most people think male nurses are gay, but im not. Today i feel like im really getting somewhere in the medical feild, i got my results back from my CNA, which i have been beatin myself up about all week, I just kept thinking about all of the mistakes that i thought i made, but I passed it, and im so happy. I will have my LPN by DEC. and i have plans of being a NP before im 26. Horay for me!!!!!!!!!!!!:smiley_aa
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  3. by   ddsm
    Horay for you
  4. by   Irene joy
    Great job, I know how exited you must be! Jeez, I wish I had been so determined when I was your age, then I would'nt be here in school at the age of 32. Congrats also on your lpn progress, you deserve a pat on the back!
  5. by   tylrk0811
    Congrats and do not stop until you are through!
  6. by   zooz
    Congratulations! :spin:
  7. by   kakalika
    Well done. Keep it up, you can, and will do it.
  8. by   Seven, RN2b

    I am 39 and just passed my CNA. I'm currently researching LPN schools (Want to pursue LPN while on waitlist for RN)!
  9. by   allantiques4me
    Congratulations Hon!Youve just entered a wonderful journey.Good luck and God bless you!!
  10. by   RN BSN 2009
    Congrats !