How long did it take you to adjust?

  1. Well, I'm done with my first week as a CNA!! I'm working in a nursing home and I've just been having a hard time adjusting. This is my first job in healthcare, working with patients. I guess I'm going to slow or maybe the other CNAs are just too good. It seems like I'm taking too much time with the residents...but what I'm really focused on is taking time with the residents and getting to know them, not just someone who comes in and changes a diaper and leaves. It was stressed in my CNA training at the Red Cross to treat the patient as a loved one and really show them you care. I don't know....has anyone else had a hard time adjusting???

    I know once I get more comfortable working with the residents, I will
    change a diaper or transfer somewhat faster than I'm doing now, but I still like the resident to know I care. What are your feelings?
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  3. by   yousoldtheworld
    Unless you're going so slow that you have difficulty getting your work done on time, don't even worry about it. In time, you will develop your own routine and most likely, you will go faster when you're used to what you're doing. As long as you have the time, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a bit of extra time with the residents/patients. I am slower than some of the other CNAs that I work with, and I don't think that means I am not efficient...I just feel much better if, for example, after I get someone into bed, I lotion them if needed and make sure they are really comfortable - I know a lot of the other aides who are faster than I am just do the bare minimum, toss them into bed, and go. You do what feels right to you and work at the speed that feels right to you. Don't worry about your coworkers. Speed will come with time, but should not interfere with doing a good job at your work!!
  4. by   chadash
    It does take time to adjust. you sound like a great CNA, caring is so so important. Ask for help when you need it!
  5. by   nur2be
    all new CNAs are slow at first. once you get to know your patients and what they need. you will start to get faster. Don't worry it takes time.
  6. by   AmberL
    I took some time for me. I was 17 and the youngest and not everyone thought I could do my job. And families didnt want me to take care of thier relatives. Just stick it out, it gets better, I promise.
  7. by   hlfpnt
    I think you're being too hard on yourself! You sound like a great CNA...a caring attitude is what makes you one of the best! Time management skills come with practice & experience. Healthcare is one of the most difficult fields to work'll get there!!! Good luck to you! :spin:
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  8. by   crystalcoastlvr
    I agree with the other posters. You sound like you really care about providing compassion to your patients. It took me three weeks to really have a routine down. Once you get in a rhythm with how things work and what to expect, things will go more smoothly. You will work with STNA's who don't lotion their patients and skip the so called "extras." Those things aren't extras, that's what every patient should recieve. Good luck and hang in there!
  9. by   Ready2BRN
    Thanks to everybody for the support and great advice! It has gotten better everyday....just takin it a day at a time......
  10. by   quisqueya
    Good for you and hold your guns. I only have eleven days on the "floor" and I too am somewhat slower than the other CNA's. And I feel sort of "deficient" compared to them. But I know that my patients are SOOO greatful to have me, that it makes being slower O.K.

    After all most of them have "slowed down" in there age as well and don't appriciate being treted like "livestock". Sadly there are a lot of CNA's out there that have lost their "humaness" with there patients.

    Keep up your great work.