How do I become a certified nurse assistant in California?

  1. I was accepted into a BSN program for the spring, but I also want to become a CNA to apply to an internship for the summer. I predict I will learn everything to become a CNA my first semester, how can I just to the CNA test and not have to enroll in a class? Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   Merced
    Phone the American Red Cross in your area. Hopefully, they will have a class.
  4. by   lilpeapods
    nursing students in california can work as CNAs without being certified. you're in luck!
  5. by   Merced
    Ooops, I just noted you don't want to take a class because you don't think it is necessary. There are many reasons for learning to be a CNA & doing that work (not just passing the test).

    It's basic nursing care, & even if your goal is something you think has nothing to do with nursing care, like research or infection control, you still need to know what nurses do, what the everyday obstacles are, etc. You really can't learn this by just applying common sense.
  6. by   IEDave
    Can't comment on your BSN program, but I do know that through the CC LVN program I'm trying to get into a student can challenge the state CNA exam after taking the nursing foundations course. Trouble is (and I've confirmed this through students that have done the challenge) that you'll typically do fine on the theory, but the skills test'll getcha. ARC has a book entitled "Nurse Assistant Review Manual" that'll be a BIG help for you - it outlines step-by-step each of the 28 skills you'll be expected to know come test day. Not sure if ARC'll just sell it to you or not (we got ours as part of the ARC NAT class) but maybe someone'll sell you a copy on eBay.
    Other than that - try popping over to Youtube & do a search on "CNA skills".
    Of course - once you've got your certificate, now you're going to be stepping into a live LTC/SNF-Rehab/Hospice/Hospital environment with no clinical experience, which is part of the class you don't want to take - but, it's do-able. Best of luck to you!

    ----- Dave