Failed my state test

  1. I failed the skills test. I had 3 objectives... Catheter care, female perineal care, and pt transfer from bed to wheelchair. I failed the transfer portion. I'm not really sure why. I reviewed the objectives defined by the state and I really can't figure it out. After watching the videos provided above the only think I can see that I did wrong was not lifting the head of the bed first. And my body mechanics aren't exactly perfect in my opinion.

    In any event, I heard if you fail the test once you cannot work as a CNA until you pass it. I've looked through the states documentation and can find no reference to this. Does anyone know anything about this or has heard this before? I'm just wondering if I can still apply for jobs between now and my next test.
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  3. by   DreamyEyes
    Sorry to hear you failed.

    I don't know the requirements in your state, but in N.H., you have a certain amount of days (I think it's 120) that you can work before you have to take the state test. Unfortunately, I found that when I was looking for jobs, almost all of them wouldn't hire me until I was licensed (it's licensed instead of certified in New Hampshire.)

    I would still apply to jobs if I were you, and just explain in the interview your situation, and that you plan on taking the test again. Good luck!
  4. by   zooz
    Sorry to hear about your test, jay.

    You might want to contact your state's nurse aide registry. The registry staff should be able to tell you of any laws concerning working before you receive certification. Of course, there's always Google, if you haven't tried that already.

    Good luck finding a job. I hope your next testing experience goes better. (FYI: I've been there and done that. You aren't alone with failing the skills exam the first time. )
  5. by   pagandeva2000
    I am also sorry that you failed the first exam. Things happen. But, next time, be calm, think things out in your head, and as hard as it is, try to tune out the instructor unless you have to communicate with her. I remember talking to the mannequin as though it were a person to try and pretend that I was actually in the work environment. Good luck!
  6. by   pumpkin92356
    Sorry to hear you didnt pass your test but you probably did everything right it is just that most of the time the testing people are looking for the little nit picky things such as:
    1. Did you knock on the door before entering the room
    2. Did you identify the resident
    3. Did you explain what you wanted to do with the resident and did the resident agree?
    4. The one thing that is real big issue is did you provide privacy and protect the dignity of the resident at all times.
    5. Did you wash your hands before working with the resident?
    6. And at alltimes did you provide a safe transfer for you and the resident and did you use a gait belt with the transfer.
    I know this might sound ridiculous but I have been aide for 30 years and know that this is usually their main focus. I hope this will help you . Good Luck next time.
  7. by   Ginny Weasley
    [color="plum"]i'm sorry to hear about that. that seems extremely frustrating. i passed my exam the first time i took it, but i didn't think i would. this one girl didn't pass because she forgot to write down a thermometer reading, which was really stupid and they should have passed her. what state do you live in?