Failed CNA exam Skills part. Is this fair?

  1. So I had passed my written exam and failed my skills exam. I had passed two skills and the hand washing part but failed on the Donning and Removing PPE ( Gown and Gloves). Before I started to perform the skill, I had asked the proctor if there were any more sizes of gowns because there were only size XL provided on the table with the supplies on it. I had asked her this, do to me being a small person and only 4'8" in height. I knew that the size XL was going to be difficult for me to try and tie and remove the gown. After I had asked her that she replied with saying; it should be fine. So I started to open the plastic package of XL gowns to grab one out, when the proctor then handed me a gown and said to just use this one. I then agreed and started to perform the skill. when I started to observe the gown I noticed it was really big and still a XL and then asked her one more time if there any more sizes and she replied no those were the only ones provided. I started to put the gown on and tie the neck part which was difficult to do because the tie strings were really long, but I tied it as tight as I could but the collar was still big around my neck. I then tied the back of the gown which was difficult as well following that I put the gloves on and tucked the rimming of the gown sleeve under both gloves. I then told the proctor and showed her that I tried to cover and even pull the over lapped part of the gown down so that it can be covered and as tight as possible, but was difficult because it was big in size. I preformed the skill which was to adjust the residents pillow and I performed my second skill right after which was suggested by the proctor, It was to assist resident ambulate with gate belt from the bed to the chair and back. I proceeded to perform the skill and then started to remove the gloves. First I pinched one glove to take it off and as I removed the second glove I tried to put two fingers under the second glove to slide off but due to the gown being really big and the sleeves hanging down it was difficult to perform. When the proctor gave me my results on each evaluation paper with each skill I did everything right. All my boxes were checked except I believe two on the PPE skill. The proctor started to explain what I did wrong, she said that while I was moving the back was opening on the gown and when I removed the second glove my finger touched a little bit of the sleeve of the gown. I then tired to explain to the proctor that I think it was because of the size of the gown it was difficult to tie and even if I tied it as tight as I can the collar part was still big around my neck and sleeves were really long. She then said well we have different sizes and I said I had asked her before I even started to perform the skill if there were anymore sizes. After I said that, the proctor got out of her chair walked to a brown box that was on the side of the table of where the supplies were on, and pulled out a plastic package of universal size gowns that were not opened and still packaged. The proctor then said there are these sizes right here. I answered saying that They were not on the supplies table and when I had asked her before performing the skill she replied saying there were no more sizes. When I had tried to explain that; She walked to the file bin and pulled a form out saying I can fill it out and send it in if i don't agree with what she said. I then thanked her for her feed back took the form and told her to have a great rest of her day. I am writing this because I disagree with my results. I believe that if I had the right size gown I could've performed the skill the right way. I do also believe the proctor failed to provide the right supplies to me to perform the skill, Which were the right size gowns. Did i DO anything wrong? Did i deserve to fail?
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    In my 40+ years of experience, there is only one size of PPE gown- huge.
  4. by   mhcorde
    well I live in CA and there are different sizes a XL and universal, that's why the proctor even went and pulled the universal sizes out of the box after failing me.
  5. by   DelightfulNP
    If it means that you will have a fair review of your assessment, I would say you have nothing to lose by asking for a review. Maybe you will be able to explain the circumstances to other faculty who may see things your way and have your test re-assessed. Good luck.
  6. by   Mergirlc
    OP, is it possible that the whole gown issue might've been a test in itself, to see how you would react, think, and figure out a solution when the situation is not ideal?

    For example, what if you had to gown up quickly due to some type of emergency? Would you go and ask people for an appropriate gown size and not go and tend to the emergency because the gown is not your size? Sometimes you have to make do with what you have.

    I don't know if this was part of her test/assessment or not.........but it might be something to ponder.
  7. by   JC_NC2019
    While I hope that this isn't the situation, I have heard of CNA testing centers intentionally failing students in order to charge for additional testing (particularly with the skills). In my state it is over $100 to do the skills test, and I have heard rumors of the testing agency actively lying about the weight of someone or the pulse rate of a person just to fail a potential CNA. Of course, these sites are reported, but these things still happen. It's sad that anybody would take advantage of a situation like that, as preparation for the CNA testing is so stressful! I am not saying that you should jump to these conclusions, but if it seems like they fail you no matter what you do, it might prove useful to switch testing centers. Different centers might also have different PPE!

    Best of luck with your testing! CNA work is physically taxing but very worth it!
  8. by   mhcorde
    THank you!