difference between LTC & assistant living?

  1. Hello everyone!!!! I work in a nursing home and I have to say it is the worst experience I have ever had.. The first 3 days I was told to work with someone(but really never got to do or showed anything).The person I was to work with always did everything because she didn't want to get behind from me slowing her down.I wasn't taught how to do much because she said you will never do everything by the book(so she cut corners as she called it)or you'll never get done.So after my 3 wonderful days of working with her.I got put out on my own and OMG!!!!I didn't know how to do things.I got sooooo far behind and every time I asked someone for help they would just help set me up than leave.Anyway what I was wondering was if assistant living was less hectic and more for the patient?I really didn't mind doing the things and helping the people.It was the not knowing who,were,how and when everyone went?Sorry for the long talk but I'm just sooo frustrated and needed to vent..:uhoh21:
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  3. by   yousoldtheworld
    Honestly, if you feel you weren't showed how to do things properly, go to your nursing director or whoever is in charge of you and your orientation and tell them. When I was still being trained, my first trainer did not do a very good job, and I ended up having to ask for someone else. It definitely helped.

    Keep in mind that your first days getting used to something like that WILL be hectic. You have to establish your own routine and get used to each resident and their needs. Don't give up! Give it a chance!

    That said, assisted living can be less hectic, but you will still need to get oriented to it.
  4. by   valifay
    Sounds like you need to talk to your boss and try to get trained proerly. Is this your first job as a CNA? AL can be just as hectic because typically you have less staff and just as many residents. These residents usually require less care, very few total assisted people if any, but can be very particular about their care. We follow a dignity and respect moto where I work and it seems you get to know the residents and their quircks alot better and can provide better care than in LTC. Not just because of staffing, but because these residents are typically with it and can express their needs. I
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    Hi! I'm a new CNA & in the process of looking for work and reading about what you went through on your first days at work scares me to think that could possibly happen to me as well. I know their are people out their that when it comes to training they don't take their time or don't have the patients to do it. I wish you luck and hope things work out for you.
  6. by   RNMom2010
    I work in assisted living and I love it! I work 2nd shift and we work independently without anyone breathing down our necks. I have as much time as I would like to get people ready. I have time to spend just talking to my residents, watching tv with them, etc. In my facility, I am in charge of a max of 8 Alzheimer's residents. I cook/assist with cooking them dinner, clean up from dinner, pass medications, do showers, do their laundry, little odds and ends. I am finished with my work WAY before my shift is over so I have the majority of the evening to study. It is very enjoyable and way less stressful than LTC. I only worked in LTC during my CNA clinicals and I did one day temp work and I hated the rushed atmosphere. I was left knowing nothing about the people I was to care for, even whether or not they were ambulatory!! If you can get into an asissted living facility I highly recommend it as I really enjoy my job! Best of luck to you!
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    I also work at an assisted living facilty, and I do believe it may be less hectic...(I have my CNA, but work as an HHA, however, so I cannot say for sure since I only care for one resident)...I don't cook because they facility provides them w/ their breakfast, luch and dinner. Housekeeping does most of the cleaning in their apartments, but I'll do the laundry, and sweep, etc...light housework. I basically shower the resident, help the resident dress and assist him around the facility ...because he does not participate in the activites there (Paries, movie night, etc) I'm usually in his room, talking to him and watching TV
  8. by   casi
    The level of care you’ll do in Assisted Living varies on the facility. Some facilities set rigid guidelines as to when it’s time to be shipped off to LTC and some have no problem accepting total care residents.

    The tasks you’ll be doing are a lot different than in LTC and you’ll probably have a lot more independent residents. Where I work we take people with a wide variety of needs. We have the “Assisted Living” which is the bulk of the facility. There these people are mostly independent. Mainly when you work this area you’re doing med passes. You’ll also do showers, stand-by or full dressing and grooming assists, transfer assisted, toilet assists, ted stockings, minor dressing changes, filling O2 tanks, cath. care, and whatever else needs to be done.

    We then have two specialty units that are still apart of the assisted living, care suites which is pretty much equivalent to a nursing home. That’s where all our assists of two, EZ stands, and hoyers are. Quite a few of these residents are total care. In the past we’ve also had people with tube feedings in this area too. Then we have a Memory Care unit which is also staffed for heavier care.

    The work does seem to be lighter than a LTC at times, but I'm sure anyplace where you first start out it's overwhelming.
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    I'm about to go into assisted living facility, and also same as working with Alzheimer Residents. Are there anything I should keep in mind to provide care to these Residents? advice?
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