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  1. Hey I am new here and I just have a question.

    I am considering becoming a CNA. Currently the only education I have is a high school diploma and I work as a cashier part time and a nanny part time. I have been a home health aide before, and enjoyed the work. CNA appeals to me because of how quickly you can become certified. I was wondering what the average pay for a cna is, as well as what the benefits are like. Also, how likely would it be for me to be hired shortly after becoming certified? I have a general idea of what I would be getting into, but any and all advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
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    A high school diploma is more than enough education required to become a CNA. CNA jobs are relatively easy to find because of the high turnover rates, lack of respect, and low wages associated with the career. In fact, CNAs are the largest healthcare occupation in America when you combine the CNAs, home health aides and psychiatric aides all into one group.

    CNA wages vary greatly depending on geographical area, but the national average is $9 per hour. The pay range is from minimum wage in some Southern states to $13 hourly in high cost-of-living states such as California. I'm not sure about Michigan CNA wages. Good luck with whatever your decision may be.
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