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  1. For the practical portion of the test what were you asked to do?Did you have to bring someone with you for this part of the test or did they have someone there you practiced on?I seen some examples of things they may ask you to do.For example change a bed pan,TAKING A TEMPERATURE or clean someones fingernails. Are they any other things you were asked to do. I am planing on take a CNA class with the Red Cross.Do any of you have tips to passing this portion of the test?Thanks and I look forward to hearing your responses
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  3. by   bethin
    The facility where I took my classes provided someone but I took my classes in a LTC facility so it could be different at the Red Cross. On the practical I got lucky - I drew back rub, range of motion, and something else that was simple. The state had cards and each card had 3 different practicals and we got to choose from the deck. It is probably different state to state. I would ask your instructor. I know I lied and said I had a wedding I was in (the test was on a Sat) and I needed to go first so I could make it. I did that because I was about to throw up. And it wasn't a complete lie, I did have to go to a wedding.

    Do not get nervous. Practice. When you get nervous people tend to forget things. When you are asked to do a back rub, for example, go through the steps in your head. Our state tester allowed us to miss 3 things and still pass and if we messed up a little, she would guide us back. Out of our class of 20 everyone passed except maybe 2 or 3.
  4. by   casi
    Yep, you bring someone with you to the test or take the test the same day as a friend in the class so you can use them. It's much easier if you have someone you're comfortable with.

    On passing the practical, just try to stay calm. Know that the tester wants you to pass. I know that if I had to I was allowed to backtrack. Like if I was doing a skill and forgot something I would say "Oh yeah, and while doing this I would have done _______"
  5. by   nitewarrior
    I think the person you perform tasks on varies by state. In VA you are paired with another test taker. Part of taking your practicals is being someone else's test dummy.
  6. by   para
    Thanks everyone for your replies and support. You were all very helpful. I will try to stay calm and remember the tips you told me.Along with what they taught us in class.