Cna license transfer to Va ?

  1. Does anyone know if the state of Va accepts CNA reciprocity , license transfer or Do I have to do all over again ?
    I checked the VA nursing board and they talked about Endorsement , is that what it is? can anyone please give some light ! Thank you so much !
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  3. by   KimberlyRN89
    Yes the term is endorsement. Here is the info, I hope it helps

    Enclosed is an application for certification as a nurse aide by endorsement. Certification by endorsement is only available for initial certification in Virginia. If you have previously been certified as a nurse aide in Virginia, DO NOT submit this application. You will need to apply for reinstatement of your lapsed certification instead. You can obtain the reinstatement application by contacting this office again for the correct application or by downloading it from and applications.

    In order to be eligible for endorsement, you must have: (1) taken a state-approved nurse aide education program and (2) passed a state competency test (in accordance with federal requirements which were promulgated following the 1987 OBRA legislation and which became effective in most states after July 1, 1989). Your certification must also be in good standing in all states with whom you have become certified and it must be current in AT LEAST one state in which you hold certification.If you do not have a certificate that is current, please contact the nurse aide registry office in the state in which you were most recently certified and employed as a nurse aide to determine whether your certification can be renewed/reinstated.

    If you have had a finding of abuse, neglect, or misappropriation of patient property or been placed on the abuse registry in another state, you may not be eligible for certification as s nurse aide in Virginia.

    Virginia does not require a fee to apply for certification by endorsement. However, some states do require a fee in order to verify your certification to us if we must mail it to them. We will contact you with additional information if it is necessary.

    Please note the following exceptions/additional requirements for selected states.

    --If you received your original certification in Florida, California, or Maryland PRIOR TO 1992, you will NOT meet requirements for endorsement as none of those states had competency testing meeting federal requirements prior to that date.

    --If you are certified in Maryland, you must be a geriatric nurse aide (G.N.A.), NOT a certified nurse aide (C.N.A.), in order to be eligible for endorsement in Virginia. Maryland’s C.N.A. is not equivalent to Virginia’s C.N.A. designation and will not meet the endorsement requirements. If you were certified as a GNA during 1992, we will need verification that you took the nurse aide competency test (copy of score report from ASI, then Promissor, Inc., now Pearson VUE), indicating that you passed both parts of the state test or an old ASI registry card showing “registration route: competency exam” as that state cannot verify this information at this time.

    --If you are certified in Alabama, or were certified in Florida, Illinois, or Missouri prior to 2005 and two years or more have elapsed since placement on that registry, this office will be sending you additional paperwork in order to obtain your employment history as the registry offices in those states do not maintain information necessary to determine eligibility for “current” nurse aide certification.

    --If you were certified South Carolina prior to October 1, 2002, or if your original state is Florida, please include a copy of the certificate of completion you received from your nurse aide education program. Registry offices in those states do not have this information available on their verification sites. Please note that not all of the education programs that are offered in Florida or in South Carolina prior to October 1, 2002, have been approved through the required regulatory office, and if you attended such a non-approved program, you will not be eligible for endorsement.

    --If your original state is Hawaii, you will not meet requirements for endorsement as none of its programs are approved through a central State agency in accordance with federal law.
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    Thanks.Thats what I thought so.....thanks again
  5. by   MyGenesis
    Thanks for this information! Don't know if I will have to move back to VA in a couple of years.
  6. by   cnacram
    The process will always depend on the state. Sometimes, it could be a little tricky. You have two options to do, either moving to a state that shares reciprocity or retake the CNA test and re certify in that particular state. Try to visit the official website of your future state, and figure out which path you will need to follow. or you may try to refer to this guide here, How to Transfer your CNA License to Another State | CNA Exam Cram
  7. by   smartassmommy
    Is there a certain amount of experience required for VA endorsement?