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Hello. I'm trying to apply for this nursing home near my house. but i'm not sure what to put for desired rate of pay. so.. what is the average pay rate for starting cnas? i looked up and they... Read More

  1. by   jjic3982
    I cant wait to become a CNA! If I commit for a year I'm sure I will get a pay raise soon enough to help pay the bills (well a portion of it), while enjoying my job!

  2. by   lina.561
    I was working as PRN at 10.00 per hour. 11.00 on weekend. That was 5 months ago...I am now on full time and I get 11.00 per hour and 12.00 on the weekend. 8 hour shifts at a Nursing/Rehab Center in FL, Palm Beach Gardens. I work 7-3 days. right now Im pushing overtime! Yay
  3. by   WynetteS
    The averages vary so much depending on your State its impossible to give a figure, there are a few websites where you can see average salaries, but to be honest it all depends on the specific location you work at and the type of place you work, you might get $10 an hour, while your friend who works 2 miles away gets $12... looking around for the best paying places, and being prepared to move to them, is probably the way to get the best salary in your particular area.

    If you want to look at some averages here's a couple of places that might help...
  4. by   jstnwalt
    Is there any difference in pay between men and women?
  5. by   caliotter3
    Quote from jstnwalt
    Is there any difference in pay between men and women?
    There could be, but it would be an individual matter, not that of policy. No employer is going to overtly expose themselves to litigation.
  6. by   jjic3982
    Do you recommend bringing that up during the interview? I am a male and I have heard of this also from a different post on allnurses.
    Is it common to have a male to be getting paid more? (I hear if you are going to do a lot of the lifting [which has nothing to do with sex, funny] they will pay you more.)
  7. by   Boerne Lou
    I suggest you try for the highest pay - and it has nothing to do with your sex. While sex can be in some cases a plus - skill, dependability and fact self confidence is the determining factor about pay. How well can you sell yourself and in fact resume how can you back it up and with an interview how well can you confide/express your professionalism? A CNA no matter the sex is not going to fool a MS or BS in the field.
  8. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    Quote from kaylla
    That's good though here some will start you at 14+ but it all depends on your experience. Good luck with your new job
    Are you a CNA? I got certified back in Oct and can't find a job as one...Any tips to finding one?

    I am in SO CAL
  9. by   jjic3982
    I live in SoCal too. From what I know CNA's in Hospitals are very difficult to get depending on where in SOCAL you are located. And this is if you are a new grad. Try the LTC or Nursing homes.
  10. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    Where in SOCAL? I live in LA county, are you a CNA in a hospital?

    I already work as a server in a restaurant and the income is really decent (tips lol) so I just kinda want like an on-call or very very part time CNA job for the summer only. I might (hopefully) be getting a tutoring job for microbiology students in the fall (if they get the grant for it) it pays well and you help groups of students.

    So I don't know if there are any CNA on-call or part-time positions but that would be really great for the experience but especially since my top choice school gives points for healthcare experience...
  11. by   tigerkate
    I just got hired at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena, and I have no prior experience.
    You might want to try checking their site for per diem work? Most people want you to have experience before working per diem or on-call, because of how hard it is to get accustomed to a brand new setting when you are doing healthcare. But you might be able to land part-time!
  12. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    Oh wow really? As a CNA with no experience? You must have known someone there eh?
    I have applied there before and got nothing back. I'll try again. I really want weekends and nites.
    Would you know if their hiring
  13. by   tigerkate
    I do not know anyone at the hospital! My biggest advice is persistence and follow-up.
    I interviewed for DOU Jan 31, didn't get it but the dept manager did take me seriously. Two weeks after being rejected for that position, she called me up and said she was getting another position approved for hire and thought of me. Unfortunately, after she got permission to post the job, she had it filled w/ an in-house transfer. So, months later, I was checking the site and noticed her dept hiring again. I applied, found her phone number again, and called her up to let her know I was still interested. She had me come in for another interview (which she was 40 minutes late for lol) and hired me then and there.

    I mentioned on my app that I was planning on nursing school (which they love), and I took the job saying I was available for any time. They have me nights right now, mostly during the week but every other weekend as usual.