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Hello. I'm trying to apply for this nursing home near my house. but i'm not sure what to put for desired rate of pay. so.. what is the average pay rate for starting cnas? i looked up and they... Read More

  1. by   parumph
    Just starting my career and here is my results.

    First job at a Rehab Hospital w/LTC (they operate two separate facilities under one roof with both a LTC and Specialty Hospital licenses) on the outskirts of the metro area was $9.37/hr for PT weekdays.

    2nd job offer is likely going to be $11/hour for PT weekend days and weekdays PRN at $10/hr.

    And a spot on Family Med floor at a learning hospital I'm interviewing for has a base pay of $10.45/hour FT.

    All of them have shift diffs. Not sure what they all are exactly yet.
  2. by   yousoldtheworld
    Quote from Starletta
    There has to be a better way to care for the elderly and disabled. I did my second/third(?) Clinical tonight - Very hands on - Showering, changing briefs, feeding, etc.
    Honestly? I - Hate - it. And can't even imagine just working as a CNA for a year to get my "feet wet."

    For the same amount of money, I'd rather work at Walmart restocking shelves.
    See, that's what it comes down to, really. If you'd rather work at Walmart for the pay, then you probably should. If you hate being an aide and have other options for similar pay, there's no point in making yourself miserable.

    Those of us who stick around are not doing it for the money, that's for sure. I hate working retail, food service, with the public in general, with a burning passion. Yes, being an aide is much harder work, but I'd take it over any of those jobs in a heartbeat. And that's why I keep doing it, despite the fact that I can barely get by financially.
  3. by   Everlasting904
    I work at a Nursing Home in Jacksonville,Fl 1st time cna ..$9.25 an hr $10.75 on weekends!!
  4. by   c1928
    I just got hired PRN in Queens, NY for $10 an hour. First job.
  5. by   Boerne Lou
    All companies offer vary AND while you know there are differencess, being a new canidate - to ask the person interviewing you is ok/ To get it in writing is another. To be a CNA means you do have several options-take three jobs and then go on with the ones you like the most and pays the most. Medical is nice - also a business of pay a choice of working in a good progressive envoirment.
  6. by   Callie Martinez
    Here in Fl I am starting out with 10.25
  7. by   HoneyDinkley
    Quote from Callie Martinez
    Here in Fl I am starting out with 10.25
    But what city is it in, and how many months/years of experience did you have at that pay rate? And what type of facility is it?
  8. by   Banjoeer
    Portland Oregon hospital (Kaiser) $18.49 hour, includes shift differential and pro-pay for CNAII, with 2 years there....
  9. by   yousoldtheworld
    Quote from Banjoeer
    Portland Oregon hospital (Kaiser) $18.49 hour, includes shift differential and pro-pay for CNAII, with 2 years there....
    That's more than LPNs start out making here, crazy!
  10. by   DeanaKay
    Hi, does anyone know the starting CNA pay for NYC metro area, hospitals and nursing homes? Thank you.
  11. by   RUBY2623RN
    How about in chicago?
  12. by   Jen411
    I'm in PA,it seems from my experience that county, by county the rates are very different.
    The county I live in the average depending on experience is anywhere between 9.00-12.00 an hr.
    I worked in a different county, the starting wage was 13.00-14.00 an hour.
  13. by   MrAllenU
    I recently was hired as PRN in a LTC facility that is just over a year old. The facility is about 40 minutes from Houston, Texas. I wouldn't say it's rural but definitely not big city.

    I'm starting off with $9.50/hr with no prior medical experience.