Brand new CNA just graduated high school!

  1. I have a lot of questions to begin with. I just graduated high school therefore I'm extremely young. I'm very nervous, I'm thinking about giving up because I don't know how it'll go. I just have a lot of questions and I want Tom of advice being a new CNA. From all perspectives please. Starting tomorrow with shadowing so I need an instant response.
    Questions: What do you do after orientation? Like during trainingWhat do you do during a float position?
    Is float a good to start off with?
    Your first day after you punch in, where do you go?
    How do you save time?
    Things not to say to other people
    Who don't you talk to
    What can piss people off?
    How to remember vital signs after you do each patient?
    Where do you sit down and rest?
    What is some advice you wish you had?
    How do you go about your routine like in order?
    What to bring to eat?
    What to keep in your pockets?
    Should you wear a fanny pack?
    When are the least busiest times?
    What do you wish you did differently?
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  3. by   Neo Soldier
    When I started out as a CNA, I floated to all the different units to get a feel of the how things are done there; sometimes you have to work outside your home unit due to census etc.
    You will be working with other CNAs so you will not forget vital signs. You learn on the job so don't stress about anything.
    Don't reveal anything to anyone that you'd be embarrassed to admit if it got out. Remember, you don't know anyone there so you don't reveal too much. No politics or race. Talk about sports or the weather.
    You will get orientation so you will know where to go for break etc.
    Bring your breakfast, lunch, snack/dinner.
    You probably shouldn't wear your fanny pack on the first day: what would you put in there?
  4. by   jesdl
    I watched videos and read articles saying you should wear a pouch to hold supplies in. Like a pen and notepad.
  5. by   jesdl
    And also I do 3-11 shift.
  6. by   traumaRUs
    IMHO a float position might be difficult at first because you are so new. It might be best to start off with one floor/unit responsibility.

    Some things to factor into that hopefully will help:

    1. Ask questions. Don't do something unless you KNOW how to do it.
    2. Keep pen/small pad of paper handy - pocket of your scrubs is fine.
    3. Be professional: clean scrubs, clean shoes, be punctual, be ready to learn.
    4. You can speak to anyone. When addressing nurses/doctors, etc, try to get your point across in the first two sentences. Then if they need more details, they can ask you.
    5. Smile, be gracious, polite (please and thank you go a long ways)
    6. Realize that not everyone is going to be nice. Patients are stressed, nurses are stressed, physicians are stressed. Don't take things personally.
    7. Don't reveal a lot of personal details. This is your workplace, not hanging out with friends.

    Best wishes as you start this new venture
  7. by   jesdl
    Thank you a lot. I was put immediately on a float position. I really thank you for your advice. I'm nervous but I'll do everything I need to.
  8. by   kbrn2002
    Just wishing you good luck today! You don't need to bring anything special, maybe just a small note pad and pen to throw in your pocket. Your first day should mostly be just shadowing the CNA that will be training you. You'll be getting a feel for the job and how it's done more than actually working at the job, at least today. You'll learn where things are like the time clock, lockers or another area to leave your personal things while you are working and parking. Working in a float pool you'll learn where supplies needed to do your job are kept on each floor as you are introduced to that floor. As your training progresses you'll have more responsibilities until you are eventually ready to work on your own. If you don't see this until later...Hope your first day went well!
  9. by   jesdl
    My first day went better as expected. Time flew I'm just still like confused trying to figure out certain things like how to read my assignment, where's my exact assignment, the book you fill out at the end, and the I and O sheet.