Blood Pressure

  1. Are there any tips on how to take blood pressure I am freaking out. I know how to do everything else. But I kno that if I get blood pressure I will fail. Any tips will be veryyyyy appreciated :spin:
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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    here are some websites with information about how to take a blood pressure. - how to take a blood pressure - hearing bps - blood pressure measurement where peak inflation level is determined first by palpating a radial pulse, inflating cuff and then determining the point at which the pulse is obliterated. - how to take a blood pressure - how to take a blood pressure - from ohio state university college of medicine, an interactive guide to physical examination for 8 body systems and includes sounds. has an interactive blood pressure cuff (the link is toward the bottom of the page, "take a blood pressure") where you click on a blood pressure bulb to start the inflation of the cuff. you will then hear and watch the manometer and tell the program what the final blood pressure is. it re-cycles to give you lots of practice!
  4. by   AirforceRN
    We all miss a blood pressure every once in a while. Be upfront during the test. If you didn't hear it, say so, don't make up a number in hopes that you are correct. The patient won't be going anywhere...give them a minute and try again.
  5. by   ensru011
    Don't be nervous about it! I was the first time I took my skills test and I failed. The second time around, I made sure I knew how to do it and didn't stress out about it and I passed with flying colors. You can do it . Practice, practice, practice!
  6. by   Boston-RN
    Palpate for the pulse first, then line up the arrow with the artery, put your steth right over where you palpated, make sure the cuff is the proper size, pump up the cuff no more than 20-30 mm Hg above the baseline bp and let'er rip. If you don't hear it the first time say so, deflate the cuff and wait 1-2 minutes.....that's the standard

    PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE....even now I sometimes don't get in on the first try....
  7. by   mumsie79
    i was terrified of this too, but passed it on the first try. try half pumps when inflating the cuff and you will be more able to hear the pulse. dont inflate or deflate too quickly