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I want to appologize ahead of time. This is mostly a vent really. I have worked with 2 different nurses (besides the regular nurses on my floor, the past 2 weeks. One was a traveler and one has... Read More

  1. by   chadash
    I guess I have made peace with being treated as less than the nurses, which sets me up to be pleasantly suprised by the really kind nurses I work with now. It also innoculates me from the occasional scoldings and hand slapping from people much younger than I.
    The fact is, I chose to me a nursing assistant, and I have chosen to continue to be one. I have done it long enough to know that status is not part of this job. If you continue to do this work, you have to get over that, or you will not enjoy the great stuff about it. It is really a wonderful job.
  2. by   Chaya
    Was floated last night to a floor I had worked on infrequently. I was so relieved to be paired with a CNA I had worked with previously and who was familiar with our patient group. I did delegate to her the tasks of getting patients ready for bed as they requested assistance-and she in turn "delegated" to me the tasks of getting pain meds for a pt who requested them of her, or assessing a potential pressure spot on a pt she was working with...I relied on her knowledge of these people in asking her who tended to go to sleep earliest so I could order my med pass accordingly, and if a patient who seemed lethargic to me was behaving differently from usual in her experience with him. She was worth her weight in gold; we helped each other provide some really high quality pt care and at the end of the night I let her know how grateful I was for her help and expertise!:flowersfo
  3. by   AuntieRN
    Why would RNs not want to eat lunch with the CNAs? That makes not sense to me. When I was a CNA we always ate lunch with the nurses and now that I am a nurse we still all eat lunch together....that just does not make sense...we are all human beings regardless of what letters are after our names. One set of letters does not make anyone better then the other set of letters....heck even our head nurse and nurse manager eat lunch with us and the CNAs most days....

    Sorry I guess this just hit me wrong and really upset me that someone would suggest that an RN needs to distance herself from a CNA. Like being a CNA is some sort of disease or something. I'm gonna tell you what...I may be a new nurse and still on orientation....but...I could not make it through my day without the help of my CNAs/Techs....ok I will be done now....sorry....
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  4. by   chadash
    I don't think nurses shun NA at lunch, it just is not practical to go to lunch with anyone, frankly, and if you can you would have a tendency to go with someone you have more in common with.....
    But, it is strange for a nursing instructor to actually suggest that you not....
  5. by   ns lpn
    I agree with babynurse some people just don't respect others. It happens in all fields not just nursing and it is very frustrating.

    My personal pet peeve is "it's not my job" I hear more RN's, LPN's and CNA's say this at my work to each other and I just hate it. There are lots of things not in my job description but well with in my scope of practice or just basic human things that I do to make life easier for my patients and my co-workers. I don't understand how staff can be so kind to a patient and so mean to each other?
  6. by   melmiche
    I think it puts a barrier between the 2 fields and yes it is upsetting which is why I brought it up. RN's are not different, better, etc than anyone else and it bothers me ( I wrote a letter) to the school in question stating so. That they should not foster that type of attitude towards the 2 disciplines.
  7. by   jelorde37
    im an lvn and ive seen the abuse first hand. from what i heard, its always been that way. NP look down on RN's, RN's thinking LVN's are unqualified, Lvn's belittling MA's and NP,RN,LVN treating CNA's second class.
    i believe that its a power struggle between the different ranks. sometimes i just dont understand it either. Even though we may have different tasks, our main goal is to better a patient's quality of life.

    For all the CNA's out there, thanks for your help.