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  1. by   FLg8r
    wow, that is old school, huh? in florida, you know before you leave the test center if you passed or not -- papers in hand to give to prospective employers ... rec'd cetificate about 2 weeks later in the mail -- but was on the DOH website within 3 days, so an employer could verify if need be.
  2. by   VivaLasViejas
    My son just took his CNA boards yesterday, and we should know for sure by Tuesday or Wednesday if he passed. I'm pretty certain he did, because the rater told him he did well even though she really wasn't supposed to.
  3. by   tavia_yeung
    Quote from keithjones
    what state do you live in? i tested friday and won't know anything for up to a month... sometimes KY lives up to it's backwoods hillbilly reputation! welcome to the age of computer testing! stupid scantron! the 80's are gone. don't mind me ill calm down once I get my results... grrr
    I took my State Exam in California. English is my first language and I was able to passed it so you guys would definitely passed it too don't worry...good luck all!!!!:wink2:
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  4. by   lorelei1973
    I found out about 25 minutes ago I passed both the written and skills. Tested on Monday. I'm still a little in shock, but oh the relief! Skills (besides handwashing): Bedpan, ambulate bed to chair with gait belt, measuring fluid intake, and repositioning on side. Bedpan was the one I was most concerned about. Never used a fracture pan and initially tried to position it upside down. LOL. And then I forgot to wash the client's hands afterwards.

    This "adventure" started in late May. It was HARD both in terms of time commitment (I work full time and went to class evenings) and the stress leading up to and during the test was a lot more than I expected. Waiting even four days seemed like forever. Phew. I think I'll celebrate with a beverage of the alcoholic variety. I deserve it.
  5. by   Anise1
    I passed the TN CNA exam!!!! I actually passed both the written and skills portions! Yes, miracles can happen; I never thought I'd see the day, but I PASSED THE TEST!! Ahem. Anyway, I really didn't think I would, because we had a test observer RN at our facility who was notoriously difficult and she'd failed a lot of people for extremely minor things, but I managed to pass! It's a great feeling,and it's wonderful to feel like something is going right after the horrible situation of absolutely no jobs for my MSW degree. This is something else that is really making me think about doing a DE NP program eventually, but in the meantime, I think this will really help to give me confidence in my new CNA job. Best wishes to everyone else who passed!
  6. by   Trillcat
    I passed!!!
    I am ro relieved! Whew! Between the classes and medical pre-class stuff and paying for the test, had a lot of my very generous Dad's money riding on this!
    I passed both the written and skills.
    For skills I drew washing hands (everyone did that one) counting respirations, feeding, ROM on one shoulder and pericare on a female. I only made one mistake, forgot to rinse the soap from the front during pericare before I did the backside. Whoops! Hey, I was nervous!
    I thought I did terrible, was sitting in fear, almost crying, positive I had failed while waiting for the results. To my supprise, the tester told me I did almost perfect and asked if I am currently working in the field because I did so well and seemed so at ease! (minus that one mistake) I was stunned! I am glad though I came across that way considering my brain was screaming "YIPE YIPE YIPE" the entire time and I could hear my heart pounding in my ears!
    Congrats to everyone else who has passed!!!
  7. by   my2cents
    thks!!! took it 10 yrs ago
  8. by   CNA_JessicaLeigh
    I passed my CNA exam on October 9th (in FL)! I've been wanting to do this for years and I finally did! I am beyond excited and feel such a sense of accomplishment. Congrats to all else who're pursuing their dreams. With determination (and faith :-} ), anything is possible. WHOOO-HOOOO. I'm a CNA!!!!!!
  9. by   ZAR963
    Yay. I passed! (In April, I didn't see this thread before, haha).

    Wish I got to see which questions I got wrong though.
  10. by   keithjones
    21 days later I found out I passed! woohoo! Got handwashing, vitals, Fowlers position, bedpan, and catheter care. 67 of 75 questions (needed 52 to pass).
  11. by   qalanjo5500
    yeah...i just found out that i have passed my cna test...i wasn't expecting to pass it but i did and i havent missed any step..YEAH
  12. by   work&play
    I passed on Saturday, Oct. 24. I had to place a patient in a supine position, infection control and denture care.
  13. by   zeppzepp2009
    I passed this past Saturday, I challenged the exam. I had ambulate, bed pan and weigh the resident.