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  1. by   NICU Kristen
    Thank you for your advice. I know several girls who have either been fired or quit that still come to get their hair done by other stylists there and my ex-boss is rude and nasty to them every time they come in! Even if they left on good terms. I think sometimes being young certain people feel that they can treat you badly and get away with it. She did not treat some of the other receptionists (those in their 40s and 50s) like that. Only us girls who were in our 20s-30s got treated bad. Why... I do not know. I think she has some type of respect issue. You live and you learn. But at least I left before she could fire me or do something worse. I hope things can only go up from here and any place would be better than that salon! Thanks again
  2. by   rn4ever?
    I don't see why it's necessary for you to include that you worked in that salon if you know all along that if they contact your former boss she'll say not-so-good things about you-----thus, making you unable to get that C.N.A. job-----plus, your experience working there has nothing to do with being a C.N.A. so maybe next time don't include it anymore?
  3. by   NICU Kristen
    But then my last date of employment was about 1 year ago. I do not want to lie to explain the gap in employment. Hmm well I think I will call the nursing home I just applied at and tell them I would like to try to revise my app if possible to say "please do not contact"
  4. by   notgivingup
    By law, she can't say anything that will prevent you from obtaining another position. This is why so many former employers are opting not to give any references at all. You may benefit from a trick that a friend of mine used a few years back and that was to have someone call her old job pretending to to be a prospective employer in an effort to find out what her former boss would say about her. Another option is to simply explain that there was a personality conflict with your former boss and ask one or more of your co-workers whether you could use them as personal references. Good luck and you're not alone. I know many people who have had whacko bosses (myself included) and this too shall pass.
  5. by   NICU Kristen
    Thanks notgivingup,
    The problem is that they would be sending her a a form to fill out asking to rate me from poor to excellent in a few categories and then there is also a spot that allows her to check "yes this person is eligible for rehire" or "no this person is not eligible for rehire." And it is much easier for her to fill out a form checking boxes than actually complain about me over the phone. But I did call the nursing home I applied at and they said these forms aren't sent out until after the interview process. So I would be able to discuss it in my interview. So that's good
  6. by   CoffeeRTC
    I've done some hiring in LTC. Call the nursing home and just explain that you'd like to make them a do not contatct reference. Give them a few names of coworkers if they want them.

    don't sweat it!
  7. by   NICU Kristen
    Thank you! I really would love to get this job. It seems like a great place to work
  8. by   NICU Kristen
    Thanks again everyone for the advice... Now I may need some interview tips because I have an interview tomorrow morning!!!