am I a CNA yet?

  1. Hi, I recently took the CNA exam and I believe I passed... the problem is I can't get any info regarding my results. I am anxious and somewhat frustrated because I would like to start working as a CNA but, I'm not able to apply for any jobs because I don't know my lic. #. Please does anyone know how I can obtain my lic. # in the state of GA.

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  3. by   BabyRN2Be
    When I took my CNA test I received the results right away. Are you able to call the center where you took the test and see if they can give you any info? Usually they will mail the license to you, and will give you a confirmation that you took the test and passed. You can use this confirmation to apply for any jobs.

    In my state, the names of those who passed are sent to the state board of nursing to the CNA registry. I don't know how this works in GA.

    I would make a contact at the place you took the test to see if you can get any information.

    Best of luck to you!
  4. by   jb2u
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    CNA's in GA have a FOUR month grace period in which they can work without being certified. after the four months expires, you have to have been certified.

    please see the GA Nurse Aide Registry's website as proof of this.


    you can also call 678-527-3010 or 1-800-414-4358. even if you show your "certification card", your employer still must verify that you are on the registry. Go ahead and start your job search and best of luck to you.

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  5. by   The Bell Jar
    When I took my test I also got my results immediately.You had to pass the written to even progress to the hand on part.Then you got a copy of your test results til the official certificate and card came in the mail.
  6. by   Daytonite
    hi, igtmi75!

    this is the link to a portal with more links to the georgia nurse aide registry. check out the link at the top right to the frequently asked questions for the nurse aide training program. if you took a paper an pencil test along with a practical clinical exam it may take (and i'm speaking in generalities) up to 6 weeks for the state office to get your name onto their computer lists. i recommend that you call the state office and find out how long you have to wait if it is that critical for you to know. i'm surprised they didn't give you this information at the test site. the contact phone numbers they give for questions about the nurse aide training program are: (678) 527-3010 (local) or (800) 414-4358. i hope congratulations are in order for you!! click on the tab for "directories" to get into the links for the nurse aide information.

    welcome to allnurses!
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