Adding Phlebotomy to CNA

  1. Have anyone who have transitioned from CNA to PCA or PCT would say it was a much more of a pay increase? I recently passed my CNA boards on 6/2 now I am looking to add EKG and phlebotomy. What are your thoughts on this and has anyone here took that step. Are their two separate state boards for Ekg and Phlebotomy? I have looked up hospital jobs and noticed that they are hiring a lot for those patients even though it's hard to get into a hospital that's where I picture myself working once I start the nursing program.
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  3. by   bnb0627
    I am not a cna, I am currently in a MST program (same as PCT just different name). I believe every state and hospital will vary on pay, certifications, etc. but here's what I can tell you from my class.

    As far as pay I was told from my mother who is a home health aid for 16 years with Virtua that cna's start at $11-$12 depending on experience in a hospital. One of my classmates is a tech (not a cna, no phlebotomy,ekg) at Virtua and said his co-workers who are MST were hired at $14/hr with no experience, after 90 days got a raise up to $16/hr. He recently met an MST who has been there 2 years and is making $22/hr.

    You really have to check with hospitals in your area, because I heard of cna's in other states starting at only $8/hr so I imagine a PCT position would start lower as well.

    My phlebotomy teacher has been a phlebotomist for 30 years and has never been certified. When we asked she said we are welcome to go online and pay to take the certification but that we will have no problem finding a job without one. She said there will be hospitals with certain positions that will require it but not many in our area.

    I plan on getting a job in a hospital, and going to rn school. I think it will be great to have all that experience, especially with phlebotomy. You will be able to work on your venipunture technique and by the time you get to IV's in rn school it should be a breeze lol.

    Not sure on EKG certification!
  4. by   freesia29
    I just passed my CNA state exam and am taking a phlebotomy course next week. I will let you know what my instructor says about it.
  5. by   turnforthenurse
    I am not a CNA, but I actually took somewhat of a pay cut when I went from a PCNA (patient care nursing assistant) to a NT (nurse tech)...but really the benefits of my new job outweigh the slight pay cut.

    I made $11.50 as a PCNA, + $1 shift differential because I worked nights, so $12.50.
    I had an hour commute.
    I also had to pay $50/month in parking. Over the summer when I worked 2-3 12-hour shifts/week I was making GOOD money, but during the school year I worked once every one (sometimes two) weeks. Half of my paycheck went to the parking fees
    I could work as many hours as I wanted and not really have to worry about it. I had the option of being full-time, part-time or PRN (which is what I chose because it offered the most flexibility). We were required to work a minimum of 12 hours/month.

    I currently make $10.77 as a NT + $0.50 shift differential. I work evenings.
    I have a 5min commute.
    I do NOT have to pay for parking unless I park in the garages.
    NT's are only hired on a PRN basis and we cannot work more than 39 hours/week. We are required to work a minimum of 24 hours/month.

    Overall it's a much closer drive and less wear 'n tear on my car AND I don't have to pay for parking. I can also do a lot more as a tech, including phlebotomy, but not EKG...I am, however, allowed to hook up patients to telemetry monitors.
  6. by   CrazierThanYou
    It will depend on your area. Here in NC, CNA's start around 8 an hour. Sometimes just minimum wage. The local community college has a phlebotomy class but there are NO phlebotomy jobs here. The hospitals train their lab techs to draw blood.

    That said, in other areas, CNA's make more and there might be more job opportunities for phlebotomists. Its best to check with people from your area.
  7. by   Shirt
    Really depends on the area you live in I know in Colorado CNA's that can draw blood are considered Healthcare Techs (even w/o experience)

    There are quite a few agencies that hire Phleb Techs (as well as CNA's)