I am a CNA about to go to LVN school. Has anyone done the same thing? I know there is a world of difference between the CNA & LVN programs. I would appreciate any comments about the level of difficulty. I am scared!


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I am one, and my LPN class is probably about 30 - 40% CNAs. I've only been in school about 4 weeks now but it's a very intense course but will be well worth it in the end. My teachers say some of the CNAs have difficulty thinking like a nurse instead of an aid, for example learning to assess the patient during bathing, but it helps to have knowledge of some of the skills already.

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I went to LPN school with quite a few CNAs and I thought they did great. So much of what I was freaking out over like learning to take BPs they already knew. They said the course work was way harder but just stay on top of your studies. Best wishes to you! Jules


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i think you have a great advantage. I was a CNA before I took my NCLEX for LVN and passed on my first try. I think that working as an CNA helped tremendously


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I have been a CNA for 4 years, and started LPN school in the fall. I currently work in a hospital as a CNA part time while I am in school and I have to say my experiences as a CNA have been invaluable in LPN school. I admit that it was a little rough learning how to think like a nurse instead of an aid, but I made the transition with time. Critical thinking is new venture for most of us! lol....The program is quite intense, but since you do have some experience in the medical field you should be ok. The first few weeks are spent learning skills you already know, such as vitals, bedbaths, pericare, ect. Good luck to you...I'm sure you will do great.

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