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Hi I am an experienced CNA and am looking for a job.

I am trying to prepare for interviewing and can not remember the things that they asked me during interviews the last time. I sometimes get all stuttery during interviews when they ask me questions I am not prepared for.

What questions were asked of you during your CNA interviews?

here are some examlpes;

How do you deal with difficult coworkers?

Have you ever had to report abuse?

What do you do with a resident who refuses care?


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I was asked about what to do if a patient/resident fell, did I have any problems doing personal care for males patients and could I work OT if asked. Those are the ones I remember.

I know what you mean, I used to get so nervous before and interview I would invariably barf!:barf02: I learned to use deep breathing techniques and would drink some Alka-Seltzer beforehand. That usually calmed down the nerves. Now, it's not that bad. Thank goodness!!!

I just had, how to you tell a coworker who's falling behind in their job to pick up the pace? Also, how do you prioritize your cares... if you had to do several things at once, how would you decide what to do first?

Good luck!


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What were all of your answers? Just curious :)

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I'm curious too. I don't remember many specifics from my interview (the DON did most of the talking and it was to explain things about funding and how the NH is run), but she did ask me what I'd do if someone refused care and was getting agitated and I said I'd leave them alone and try again in 15 minutes.


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I had a question about teamwork, and there was some sort of priorities question. I'm not sure what my answers were (it was a while ago) but I'm sure they were corny and stupid! Oh and they also asked me what I thought the job of a CNA entailed. I do remeber on that one I said something like "to give baths and change people, and talk to them". Wow, I was dopey at 16!!

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