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Its my first semester in college, and my plans are to go to school for nursing. I thought i would get my cna certificate and work as a cna while i finish school. The program at my school is eight weeks long and it doesnt start until june. Does anyone know of any programs that start sooner and take less time to complete?

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What state are you in? You could go to your state's board of nursing website & look at all the CNA programs & find if they offer a shorter class. That's how I found the program I attended & it was four weeks. I almost chose going to a community college & their program is 4 months.


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I live in charlotte, NC and I have looked up programs, but havent really found anything besides the one at my school.


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there is a woman that teaches a fast paced course in one day that gives you the eligability to sit for the exam. It does not involve any patient contact but givs you all you need for the exam and you can get onthe job training. she ill even help you find a job. she is in Charlotte NC. Just google fast pace CNA courses in Charlotte and she should come up.

I just looked up her name. It is Daniel Hoosler


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I live in Missouri and they let me challenge the CNA because I'm in nursing school. All I had to do was pass my first set of clinicals, and I didn't have to take a CNA class. I passed the time just fine because you are taught everything you need to know in school.


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anyone know of any programs in the Richmond, VA area?

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