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CNA class asap!

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So I went to my local community college to get the ball rolling on starting my ADN classes, and realized there is a lot more than I thought. As you all know, I have to finish my CNA I course before I can be accepted. The application deadline is January 29th, and I have to find and complete a CNA course before then, or wait another year before I can apply. Does anyone have any tips for finding a CNA class around me? I tried googling, but just got a bunch of random results not really what I wanted. And the CNA class my community college offers isn't available until after the deadline. I don't have much hope of getting a response here, because I know this is a difficult question, but any help is much appreciated. If you have tips on places that usually offer these courses, then that would be great, or even better somewhere specific in the Asheville, NC area. Am I out of my mind hoping to find and complete a class in a little over two months? Thanks a lot.

try a place called thomas healthcare. it is in charlotte, i don't know how close you are to there. they are quick. they are expensive i will tell you that.

Thanks for the tip, but Charlotte is 2 hours each way, and that 5 days a week for 4 weeks would be killer. Plus $600 tuition is bad enough.

Try the American Red Cross. Their courses are 3-4 weeks long.

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Go to your state's BON page & see if they have a list of approved CNA programs. That's how I found out about the school I went to. Best of luck to you :)

Thanks for all the input everyone. I am going to follow-up on all these tips today, and hopefully find a class by the end of the day! Thanks again.


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Yea I would say check your local Red Cross!! I am just finishing up my CNA class at my local Red Cross and it was a really good program. It is quick so its a lot of information they throw at you but they have a really good reputation.

Checked today, NC Red Crosses don't offer them because Com. Colleges can offer then at such better rates. it's looking like I will be stuck waiting until Fall 2011 to start ADN classes :( That's a really long time.