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can cme for physicians count as our ceus for rns? sorry no punctuation-baby in other arm:)

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They are not equivalent. In order to be approved for nursing CE, the content must be directly applicable to nursing practice & not a repeat of previous learning - e.g., basic nursing program.

Some states permit nurses to submit other types of education as a "type 2" or alternative type CE... you should check with your state BON to find out if this is the case for your state. You would also need to analyze the program's content to see how much of it is related to nursing practice - probably not all of the program - and only claim that amount for nursing CE. Be sure to keep a copy of the program content in case you are audited by your BON.

In Ohio, no.

Normally, the description of the course will include the bodies that recognize it for CEU purposes. If not, you can verify applicability with your State Board before you spend money on the course.

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I'm in a MPH program and all of the MD/DOs get CME credit so I talked to the coordinator and she just gave me a flat out "no" without further explanation. Go figure!

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