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Ok, need some suggestions please. I am a new CMA and during my MA program I kind of struggled with phlebotomy. I did not actually take a phlebotomy class, but learned it throughout the program. My issue is I didnt grasp onto it as well as others (others had taken phlebotomy). All my other skills are fine...including giving injections. My issue is I am not competent in my phlebotomy skills as of this time and am looking for offices to apply to where thats not a requirement for the job. I will be taking future phlebotomy classes to help me but for now would like suggestions of offices that dont include it.

Every MA job I have worked required phlebotomy. I can't of a specialty that wouldn't require the occasional blood draw - it's a MA skill. When I first started I had also only worked in class drawing blood on each other. I was not confident at all with drawing blood on a patient. I lacked confidence in my ability, it was intimidating. However, practice DOES make "perfect" and now I work in my office's lab drawing all day. I don't think a phlebotomy course is necessary. The best way, in my opinion, is to get in there and just do it. You're gonna miss, it happens - no one hits the vein every time. Some days I am 100% and other days I miss, sometimes the obvious, huge vein.

I agree with the poster above the more you do it the better you'll get. I was one of the worst in my class when it came to drying blood but now I do it every day.

But if you want to look for work without having to draw blood try and OB/GYN ease office ENT something specific I find an internal medicine and family practice as were there drawing blood the most.

Work in a psychiatry office. That's where I work and there is no blood involved at all. Mostly vital signs and phone calls.

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I work in a big pediatric office, we have a lab downstairs so I don't draw blood. I also worked in general surgery where we didn't draw. I actually liked learning that skill but I never use it. There are offices that don't require it.

Honestly, it depends on both the setting and location. If there is a lab nearby or in the same building you might not ever have to do them. I've been a medical assistant for about 13 yars and I haven't always been required to do blood draws. Also, I wouldn't necessarily count out jobs that do require it. Just explain to the employer that you aren't very comfortable with them. If the like everything else about you, you'll likely still get the job. If so, they'll probably have you shadow with a more experienced CMA who can give you some pointers.

It depends on the type of office you work in whether you will actually be required to draw blood. It might appear on the job application but that can just be standard. Some larger doctors offices have a phlebotomist on staff (there's a cardiology office nearby me that has a phlebotomist on staff at all times) so nurses don't draw blood.

You can't get good at phlebotomy without practice, but I know many medical assistance who haven't draw blood since their MA program. Don't let it stop you from applying for MA positions, just do your best to scout out the office setup and assess their needs.

I haven't had to do phlebotomy in all my 6 years of being an RMA. I have worked at different Urgent Cares and they all have a Medical Lab Technician that do ALL labs.

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