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  2. Full Of Beans: 10 Upscale Coffee Chains That Aren't Starbucks https://www.therichest.com/lifestyles/full-of-beans-upscale-fancy-coffee-chains-not-arent-starbucks/ The #1 Upscale coffee chain is La Colombe Coffee Roasters based in Philadelphia, PA --my next door neighbor. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Colombe_Coffee_Roasters My Dad was fond of #10 Dunkin Donuts as only 1 block from his home which he visited almost daily in his later years He became friends with the owner, would knock on the side store window coming around to the front door, they would have his coffee and donut ready for him upon store entry. I only found out about this practice, when Dad entered Hospice and I brought him there for a final visit at Christmas 2016. They have a GREAT Chai Tea that I periodically will get, along with Chocolate glazed donut.
  3. This is a good read... Senators Accused Of Insider Trading, Dumping Stocks After Coronavirus Briefing It mentions Diane Feinstein and Jim Inhofe both who sold stocks but were not in the private briefing as the above senators. There should be an investigation on ALL THESE PEOPLE.
  4. While you are working in the front line ... while you are exposing yourself and your family to this threat ... there are people in the Gov't profiting from the crisis. While nurses are fighting for more pay, better hours, improved patient-staff ratio, the people that have all the control in your life are profiting from this crisis. It doesn't matter if you are a Democrat, Independent, or Republican these acts should not be tolerated, accepted, or made the norm. They should step down and resign. Let me be more clear... They took action to improve their bottom line before saying anything to you... Two GOP senators face questions over stock sales ahead of the market’s coronavirus slide This is so WRONG! Nurses are in the front line taking the biggest hit during the crisis. AAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!! Am I the only one who feels this way? Is this OK with you? BE MAD. BE VERY MAD. This is not OK with Tucker Carlson... ‘There is no greater moral crime’: Tucker Carlson calls for Sen. Richard Burr’s resignation over stock sell-off
  5. Every last one of us in my nuclear family of birth are big time coffee drinkers. I'm probably the only that drinks both coffee and tea. I've taken a fondness of matcha green tea that I import from Japan. Expensive but a little goes a long way. Really liked it when I visited Japan last year. I also drink holy basil tea and "white peony tea". But I still got to have my morning joe to feel human.
  6. sirI

    The Walking Dead

    Exploiting tea again ....
  7. Yep, looks like Sanders is getting desperate to win this. I don't think it will happen. When you start talking about "Medicare For All" most people just shun from it. Too many unknowns ... and then their answer is to provide specifics on how it will be done. Dumb. The perfect formula to push people away. Sanders, Warren, and AOC all do it.
  8. There she goes again with the Tea drinking defense. I think this topic is pointed directly at me, @NRSKarenRN. LOL! I don't know if it's in my genes or not (as I sit here enjoying my 2nd cuppa joe), I just love coffee .... period.
  9. NRSKarenRN

    Who Will Have A Super Tuesday?

    Overwhelming selection of Joe Biden wakeup surprise to pundits. Post election commentary by voters: want US to return to decency, honesty, respected by world leaders. PA doesn't have Primary vote til April 28th. Almost daily, I'm called with election opinion surveys---must have gotten on shared caller list.
  10. I knew their had to be a reason that my entire extended family guzzle ice tea whenever we get together --no coffeepot in sight. With the exception of my baby brother. My sons enjoy my 20 herbal TEAS, keep me well stocked while hubby Lipton tea man. Prefer tea over coffee? It could be your genes, study finds https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/06/health/genes-food-diet-habits-wellness/index.html Gee must have all these genes except tofu and alcohol --1 drink and I'm asleep...
  11. sirI

    The Walking Dead

    Hello @kbrn2002 I can't make the final decision for you, but (without revealing spoilers) you probably will be shocked, mad, frustrated, disgusted, bored, sad, disappointed, and any number of other emotions. I honestly keep watching just to get to the end and I think it will be soon, but that's just my opinion. But, if those last 25 episodes have not already been spoiled for me, I'd probably STILL watch them even if someone told me what I just told you. So far, for me, it's not OK yet. Nor do I.
  12. ... oh, only for "pre-existing conditions". (I thought this was funny. Just sharing.)
  13. sirI

    The Walking Dead

    Sunday night's episode was improved. Still ... I guess I am hoping it will be like it used to be.
  14. March 3rd is Super Tuesday, the single biggest voting day of the 2020 Democratic primaries. Read on for a closer look at this crucial moment as five remaining candidates—Sanders, Biden, Bloomberg, Warren, and Gabbard—compete for 1,357 delegates representing 14 states, American Samoa, and Democrats Abroad. Flipboard: Who Will Have A Super Tuesday? What are this year’s Super Tuesday states? From most delegates at stake to least, they are: California (415 delegates) Texas (228 delegates) North Carolina (110 delegates) Virginia (99 delegates) Massachusetts (91 delegates) Minnesota (75 delegates) Colorado (67 delegates) Tennessee (64 delegates) Alabama (52 delegates) Oklahoma (37 delegates) Arkansas (31 delegates) Utah (29 delegates) Maine (24 delegates) Vermont (16 delegates) American Samoa (6 delegates) - Super Tuesday, explained
  15. Mike Pence Coronavirus press meeting ala SNL style.
  16. To be expected. Stocks are traded heavily on emotion. This is a really good time to pick up some bargains if you trade on the stock market. The stock market can be relied on to correct itself up and down.
  17. WOW!! 1,200 point drop. This is a disastrous week for Wall Street. It looks like investors are reacting to the ongoing global coronavirus outbreak. If California gets worse expect more bad news. THE DOW JONES Industrial Average closed Thursday down nearly 1,200 points – its largest single-day drop in history – as you.S. stocks were driven into correction territory by escalating concern over the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. The Dow shed nearly 4.5%, closing at its lowest level since August and weathering a sixth consecutive day of losses. The Standard & Poor's 500, similarly, dropped more than 4.4% on Thursday. Both the Dow and S&P 500 are down 11% from where they ended last week. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/02/27/investing/dow-stock-market-selloff/
  18. Sorta reminds me of a scene from The Cable Guy only funnier and not as annoying. HAHAHA! Thanks @Joe V
  19. TriciaJ

    Happy Ash Wednesday and welcome to Lent

    Good Lord, what's left to give up? Sounds like every day is Lent. Hats off to you.
  20. Rose_Queen

    The Walking Dead

    I've never watched it.... for the longest time, I had cut the cord and told the cable company to take a hike. Usually, there's very little that I want to watch, so it's more for background noise than anything else.
  21. sirI

    The Walking Dead

    Yeah, I feel the same way, @Joe V.
  22. I don't think he fires people because he doesn't like what they say. I tend to look more at results than what is being said about him. One of the things he should have done on inaugeration is fire all the holdovers from the previous administration. Obama did that. Any president needs to have people he can trust, not be constantly undermining him. I try to look past all the rhetoric; too much of it is self-righteous and misleading.
  23. Joe V

    The Walking Dead

    I stopped watching it a couple of seasons ago. It just stop being fun (and about zombies). I guess I'm more interested in zombies and not the clash between people (characters).
  24. Anyone keeping up with The Walking Dead series? It started back last night. It's in the 10th season now. I have mixed feelings about the show.
  25. I don't think the problem here is that Russia is meddling (we know they are - they always have - similar to how we meddle in their affairs - CIA)... The problem is that Trump always goes against anything "negative" about his administration. And, a lot of of these "negative feedback", are from his own administration. If he doesn't like what somebody says, he fires them. That's the problem. What kind of government does that sound like to you?

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