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closing in on graduation

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Hi everyone!

I am going to be graduating with my BSN in May and am trying to decide if I should move and look for a new grad job in a city where I don't necessarily have any networking established versus staying here (CHS, SC) where I have some connections and may have a better shot at getting a job. I'm doing my capstone on an L&D unit and I really want to work in that specialty. I know that new grad hires in LD are few and far between, but do any of you have advice on what you would do as far as moving to a new place or staying? I want to move to Phoenix and have the means to, but am unsure if that's a wise choice. TIA!

If you aren't tied down to anything, could you try travel nursing? Not sure if that would get you into L&D, but from knowing friends who do it, it is a great experience and you will learn a lot!

I thought about it, but from my understanding, travel nurses are usually required to have some experience first...? Perhaps I am wrong. I also have two cats so if I can't take them with me traveling may not be a feasible option.

Thank you!


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Job market in Phoenix is rough for new grads. If you have connections where you are then you may be better off staying put.


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Also as much as you might like to start in L and D, I would open up to anything, including LTC (nursing homes) at first to get your feet wet. Most L/D jobs are tough to get into as a new grad, and if you find that to be the case, get anything you can to get started and then move on. Congratulations and good luck.