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How long is your clinical day? I have been attending clinicals for the past 3 weeks with 6 hour days, and its been good at a long term care facility. However, I start med-surg in the fall and clinicals are from 7 am to 7 pm, 12 hour days! I mean, wow...and on med-surg. So, I just wanted to know for comparison, how long is your clinical day?:nurse:

I will be starting this fall and my clinical days are Tuesday and Wednesday-8 hours each. I wish I had 12 hr clinical days. I would rather do it all in one day then split it up in two.

My cousin's in a nursing program as well and is doing 12 hr clinicals and she loves it! So maybe you will too!

My med-surg clinical was one day a week. It was an 8 hour shift but we were hardly ever there the full 8 hours.


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In my program it depends on the instructor and the class. I have had two 6 hour days for some and one 12 day for others. When we get to the last class it is two 8 hour days.

Ours are 6 hours so far. I don't like them...with 30 min preconference and 1 hour post, I feel like I hardly get to take care of my pt at all. I'm used to working 12 hour shifts as an aide and I like that much better. I start 3rd semester in a month and I hope it will have longer clinicals.


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We have a couple different times depending on how many days we have to spread the time out.

For school and kids we only went 4 hours twice a week but for geriatric we had 8 hours twice a week (up to ten for some people who had fewer days). We start our hospital clinicals this year and they've alloted 12 hours three times a week but I'm not sure if it's going to be the full 12 hours yet.


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I'm starting my first semester of NS in September and we have two days of clinical a week, Monday 4 hours and Tuesday 5 hours.. But I'm pretty sure the next three semesters build up in clinical hours.


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My clinical days are Thursday from 3pm-9pm, Friday 3pm-9pm, and Saturday from 7am-7pm. My Thursday and Friday clinicals are Peds and OB and the Saturday clinical is Med. Surge.


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I start long term care facility on the 25th.......Tues. Thurs. Tues. So 3 days from 6-3 I think.


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Why so many clinical days jb? Is this accelerated?


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I start clinicals-my first one!-this fall and they are on Fridays from 7am-2pm. The clinical times and days depend on our instructors.

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