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Clinicals DONE!!


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The semester ended last week, and yet we still have clinicals! Not so anymore...just finished up today with a flu-filled day in the ER.

Finals are tomorrow and Tuesday...

Now, I am going to take a long, hot, bubble bath, and I am going to read...FOR PLEASURE!!!

What are you going to do when your semester is over with???

unknown99, BSN, RN

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Can you believe this one.....

I spent the day after finals cleaning my house. It took 12 hours, and I still did not get everything done.

Next time maybe I'll just sleep!!!


I'm gonna sleep, veg, watch movies, pork out, and yes, finally read for pleasure.

Take a couple of trips to Vegas and Universal Studios.

Then it's house/yard work and getting a head start on next semester's course work.

I know ... boring.:chuckle


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I have finals tommorrow and I can't wait for the semster to be over. *ugh* For my 3 weeks off, I'm going to sleep in, rent movies, party, and start practicing for my math test that I have the second day classes start up again. I'm really going to enjoy my time off, I deserve it. :D

suzy253, RN

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My cliinicals ended last week and we also had our finals...two more finals this week on Tuesday in Drug Dosage and then Anatomy. Yech. I hate Anatomy. Then we have a nice long break where I want to just gel out and relax all that I can. Looking forward to January 7th where we have our capping ceremony. The freshmen (me) get their caps; juniors get their 1st stripe on caps and seniors the 2nd stripe. I understand it's a lovely ceremony. Next semester for Nursing 101, Pharmacology, Physiology & Sociology. So I am presently studying my tail off reviewing anatomy and drug dosage...same for tomorrow. I'm soooooo tired and desperately need a break!

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