Clinical rotation hours (shift lengths/times) at the diff programs?

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I am trying to figure out what the different programs have for their clinical hours.

I know that certain areas, like community health. are going to have different hours than a regular hospital shift, but I am just trying to get a general idea of who has the 12 hr clinicals and who has the 8 hour clinicals, in general.

I know that the 12 hrs shifts will better prepare me for working 12 hr shifts, but I also am going to have a difficult time, at the time in my life I will be in school, not being able to pick up my preschool aged child until 730 pm from daycare. Not that any centers would likely take him from 630am til 730pm anyway (IDK may have to add the cost of a nanny or home care provider who will do extended hours on to my student loans - I know I am going to have to shell out $$ to get 13 hours of care like that). My older kids could swing it getting off the bus and having my oldest hold down the fort with a neighbor next door in case of emergencies, but obviously a 13 yr old cannot pick up a 4 yr old from daycare and get him home.

(and don't ask what I am going to do once I graduate b/c I am taking that challenge on once I get there!).

So what I do know is USN does 7-7, in blocks so you actually do at least 2 of those 12 hour shifts per week, maybe 3?, during your clinical block, NSC accelerated does 7-7, CSN does 8 hr but its random chance whether you get morning or evening, and the part time CSN does Saturday (not sure if they are 8 or 12?).

Any input? Thanks


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NSC has three programs I'm sure you know that you'll need to have some bachelors degree for their accelerated program. Its no joke of a program either this semester they have people that have graduated from Darthmoth, USC, and a few other name brand schools. It is now highly competitive to get into their program as well since they cut 10 slots away. That year of school is demanding and unless you have another partner backing you up working the two child situation will be difficult.

I applied for that program and was within those ten slots, but I took the regular track (two years) and you can do clinical on Saturday, but only at Centennial Hospital. Yet with all that your saying you might want to consider their part time track which only takes one more semester than the regular.

I can't speak for any of the other schools other than USN doesn't care about your schedule, if you get a person to do clinical with from 7pm to 8am you do it.....which for the 40k your spending sounds not all that great.

Or you could just throw your 13yr old the keys to the car like my parents did :up:


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thanks. Yeah I was thinking of part time as well. Four kids.... and I have to see what my husband's work schedule will be like when we get to LV this summer. We don't know how much travel his job will be (seriously, whether he will be gone 1 mo per year or 10-11 mos per year, we don't know!). All I know is it won't be deployments, just a lot of little trips here and there, but I don't know how much of his work can be done in the local area and whether he would be home at night and on the weekends. I guess I will know in the next few mos and I can get a clearer picture.

I'd probably have to hire a nanny b/c of sick days and school holidays that don't match with the college calendar.

I have talked to my husband about it all and we are discussing plans. I'm being flexible within limits - I have four years in LV to get done before we move again, likely to somewhere I won't have such extensive educational opportunities.

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I am entering CSN's full time program this August. They do 6-hr clinical rotations once a week for first semester. You either get the morning rotation or the afternoon rotation. This all depends on what number in line you are, which is drawn randomly. There are more morning rotations than afternoon, so afternoon is very competitive.

Hope this helps :-)