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3 clinical outcomes for different issues that we are facing as nurses

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I must have senioritis or something. I am blank can't think properly. I am currently in my last class and I am done. I am looking forward to graduation already. I need to come up with 3 clinical outcomes based on bloom's taxonomy. The outcomes are the changes that you want to see in the behavior of the participants or the audience. They need to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timed (S.M.A.R.T goals). I need help with this.

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When I can't figure something out I google it. That always helped when I was lost in school.

Are you trying to develop outcomes for issues of the nursing profession? These would be different from patient outcomes, and would have to address the particular professional issue. I'm not sure the same standards would apply.


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I am supposed to write outcomes as a clinical expert (bedside nurse). I am trying to do presentation on prevention of central venous catheter related infections. I tried to write some but I don't know if they make sense. 1. By the end of the presentation the participants will be able verbalize ways to prevent cvc related infections. 2. In two months, nurses in medical surgical floor will implement cvc bundle care and will decrease cvc infection rates to

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Do your goals have to include the six levels of learning in the cognitive domain. There are many key things nurses need to do when working with cenrtal lines to decrease CRBSIs...yes you can train the nurses how to do this..and list measurable goals that can be verified by a measurable activity...just tell me about the exact wording of the assignment.?..do you just have to list the goals or do you actually have to come up with the information that you would present in order to acheive the stated goals ?