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I am in a nursing program with rural are hospitals. It is important for clinical experience to attend a school where larger city hospitals are used?


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I think that kind of depends. If the hospital where you have clinical at has a variety of patients, such as surgical patients, telemetry patients and other med/surg I think you can get just as good of a clinical experience. Obviously you wouldn't get the chance to see more critically ill patients, but I'm sure the college would have to offer some way to teach you critical care. I know some of the schools around where I live will have clinicals in the hospitals in the larger cities for the students to get those experiences. Good way to find out what you will be offered is to call and speak to an admissions counselor to find out.

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A lot depends on your career goals, but being at a rural hospital for your basic education shouldn't be an impediment.

Quoting BarbPick, who is sorely missed:

I say this over and over, how come nursing students who are attached to big medical centers exposed to all kinds of rare grandiose cases, and nursing students from West Cup Cake, Iowa, their clinicals are in such a small hospital that the nurses have to multi task in their 4 bed ICU, one floor, 40-bed hospital and that also includes birthin' babies all pass their boards on their first shot?

The are in the good care of their instructors who guide them for what they need. You have to have faith.


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Quoting BarbPick, who is sorely missed:


Not to open up a can of worms, but why is BarbPick gone? She always had wonderful words of wisdom. Even though I haven't been here long, she always had a kind word or something encouraging to say.

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