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Clinic on wheels RN


Seeking info, comments, opinions, experiences, on a day in the life of a mobile clinic nurse. I have not found much info here or the net. It's not Mobile, Alabama nor is it a nurse that travels from home to home. It is a a clinic in a large /bus focusing on treatment and prevention of STI's. TIA


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You will need medical protocols developed by Physicians or you could be practicing medicine without license and go to jail. You most likely would not get on insurance panel to bill, good luck getting paid cash from low income patients. High income families will go see a Doc. Recheck that business plan. How do you treat TIA in that truck ?

I think my post wasn't clear. My apologies. It is a clinic run by the State Health Department focusing on the treatment/prevention of STI's in women , TIA means Thanks in Advance


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I almost blew my soda out of my nose when you explained TIA!! With that being said, I have never boarded a mobile STD bus, however I have worked in a community which has a similar set-up.

My guess is that you will see many females you would not see in a regular clinic, whether it be for lack of insurance, embarrassment, uninformed, etc. I would make sure that you are not alone in the situation and have at least 2 to 3 others to watch your back, because you more than likely will be parking in less desirable neighborhoods.

I'm assuming the wheels are set-up already with a refrigerator for urine samples if needed, blood drawing necessities, etc. You will definitely need to have plenty of condoms to give out (many times this is a carrot factor to get people in to be tested/educated), plus some palm-sized educational mini-pamphlets. I'm also assuming there is a plan in place on contacting a patient for test results, especially if they are positive.

If you are thinking about taking such a position, I wish you the best and know you will really be intrigued by the experience and the people you will be meeting. If I was offered such a position, I'd take it in a heartbeat!

I know Portland has a mobile healthcare unit, I think it's called Zoom Care? It's a really interesting concept. I feel like they mostly want volunteer staff, but it would definitely be a cool gig!


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No experience, but man I would love to do that job.

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I think it sounds really interesting, as long as everything is kosher. We have (or had, at least) one that specialized in AIDS tests. It would be providing a wonderful service I think.