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Clinic Nurse to ER


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I am a clinic nurse with about 2 yrs experience with CDE certification. Currently I do a mix of case management, triage in clinic adults and peds, phone triage, shots, and many many patient teachings. In the clinic we see the same patients so get to know their personal stories and medical history. Its an awesome feeling to see a patient's eyes light up when they realized that insulin isn't a punishment but just that we're giving the pancreas a bit of help, education, support and soon A1c drops from >14% to 6.4%. Ok the hours are awesome as well day shift and weekends / holidays off.

So its not that I hate my job or anything just that I feel that ED pace, and variety is a better fit and I miss the hands on work I had as a student and ED volunteer.

I want to work in the ED mainly because I loved the fast pace, unpredictable nature, and variety of patients that walk through the door. As a former ED volunteer I've seen how crazy the ED can be as well as the tight knit it can be and I want that.

after posting i realized this would be better in the ED section than in ambulatory care section.

What recommendations do you have for me ?

How can i get my foot in the door ?

Thank you,


emtb2rn, BSN, RN, EMT-B

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Not sure what kind of recommendations you're looking for, but your work hours will certainly be different. Weekends, holidays are certain and possibly nights as well.

ChristineN, BSN, RN

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I would get your PALS and ACLS certifications to make you more marketable.

Inori, BSN, RN

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Thanks! i'll do that.


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In addition to PALS, ACLS - obtain your TNCC and CEN certs. It will certainly make you more marketable. I am not sure however, if you have to have ED experience. I know for CCRN you have to have ICU experience, but not sure the same rule applies for CEN. There are acute care nurses in my hospital that have their TNCC in hopes of getting into the ED, so I am pretty sure you don't need ED experience for that. Good luck!

In addition to PALS, ACLS - obtain your TNCC and CEN certs.
Agreed. Also look for ATCN, STABLE, and NRP.
I know for CCRN you have to have ICU experience
Actually, not... "Practice as an RN or APRN for 1,750 hours in direct bedside care of acutely and/or critically ill patients during the previous two years"... clinic work doesn't count but the experience needn't be ICU, either.
but not sure the same rule applies for CEN
No experience required... even new grads can sit for CEN exam...

[h=3]Who is eligible to sit for the CEN exam?[/h] To qualify for the exam, you must hold a current unrestricted Registered Nurse license in the United States or its Territories. A nursing certificate that is equivalent to a Registered Nurse in the United States is also acceptable.

[h=3]How many years of experience do I need as an emergency nurse to sit for the exam?[/h] BCEN recommends you have 2 years’ experience in the ED; however, it is not required.